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Biomechanics & Mechanobiology

Biomechanics is the study of the structure and function of biological systems by means of the methods of mechanics and is a prominent area of research in the TCBE. Deciphering how tissue structure has evolved to withstand complex mechanical loading scenarios will reveal new insights to repair or replace damaged tissue. Furthermore, understanding how these tissues sense and adapt to these mechanical environments, i.e. the study of mechanobiology, will better inform tissue engineering approaches and may reveal novel targets to enhance repair. Active projects in the TCBE range from fundamental mechanical characterisation of tissues such as muscle, cartilage, bone, blood vessels in both healthy and diseased tissues, to using custom bioreactors to mimic the complex mechanical environment of human tissue in vitro, enabling the study of how cells sense and respond to a biophysical stimulus. Utilising the principles revealed by these fundamental studies will aid the design and development of next generation medical devices and regenerative strategies.

David Taylor

Professor, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, TCD

Caitriona Lally

Professor in Bioengineering

David Hoey

Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering, TCD

Ciaran Simms

Professor, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering,

Clive Lee

Professor of Anatomy in the RCSI

David Fitzpatrick

Principal, UCD College of Engineering & Architecture

Paula Murphy

Professor, Department of Zoology, TCD

Alice Witney

Assistant Professor of Physiology, School of Medicine, TCD

Kenneth Stanton

Associate Professor, UCD School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Oran Kennedy

Oran Kennedy, BAI, BA, PhD
Senior Lecturer RCSI