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Arnaldo Pomodoro 'Sfera con Sfera', bronze

Location: The Berkeley Library forecourt, Trinity College Dublin

Arnaldo Pomodoro with his 'Sfera con Sfera' sculpture at Trinity College Dublin, 1992

Arnaldo Pomodoro with his sculpture ‘Sfera con Sfera’ at Trinity College Dublin, 1992

Bite-sized info:

The 'Pomodoro sphere', as it is known locally, was generously donated by the artist with support from the College and Italian organisations. Other similar works exploring this spherical format are on display at locations such as the United Nations plaza in New York, the University of California at Berkeley where the artist lectured for a period, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome, and the Cortile del Belvedere at The Vatican Museums - the latter being the most similar but twice the size of the Trinity sculpture. This sculpture underwent a major conservation project in 2008 which brought the surface of the piece back to its original condition while also restoring its complex sub-structure and pivot.

Arnaldo Pomodoro's 'Sfera con Sfera' during the production process, 1982-3, Italy

Arnaldo Pomodoro's 'Sfera con Sfera' during the production process, 1982-83, Italy