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Henry Moore 'Reclining Connected Forms', 1969, bronze

Location: Library Square, Trinity College Dublin

Henry Moore 'Reclining Connected Forms' (1969) bronze

Bite-sized info:

Paul Koralek CBE RIBA RA explains the story behind the first Henry Moore sculpture to be installed at Trinity College in 1967, originally as part of the inaugural exhibition at the 'Exhibition Hall', the first university art gallery in Ireland, a temporary forerunner to the Douglas Hyde Gallery, also designed by Koralek and opened in 1978.

"At the time of his exhibition in the Library building, Henry Moore brought one of his masterpieces, The King and Queen [as it came to be known - see image below] to Trinity and placed it on the Library Forecourt where it remained for several years after the end of the exhibition. I even began to hope that he might forget to remove it. However, no such luck. He had not been happy with the location because he felt that there was a conflict with the forecourt lanterns and because there was not enough sunlight on the north facing forecourt. Eventually George obtained another work by Henry Moore, for which a location in Library Square was agreed and where it has remained. For some time the Berkeley forecourt was embellished only by an empty plinth - which still awaits removal or preferably, conversion into a proper bench. George worked persistently to find a replacement for the King and Queen and eventually proposed the work by Pomodoro which is now permanently installed on the forecourt and which appears to have been made for it. A perfect outcome."

Henry Moore 'Two Seated Figures' (1952-3) on temporary loan from the artist 1967-69

Henry Moore 'Two Seated Figures' (1952-3) on temporary loan from the artist 1967-69

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