Hist250 Anniversary Celebration

The College Historical Society has been called the greatest of all the schools of all the orators.  Fitting, then, that Edmund Burke was instrumental in its founding.

Edward Kennedy, Bicentenary Address 1970

The Hist will celebrate the 250th anniversary of its foundation in the spring of 2020, with a week of events on the theme of ‘Oratory in the Service of Democracy’.

The week of events will demonstrate how the Hist contributes to the experiences of Trinity students, and to the political, intellectual and cultural life of our country.  Though the programme will be commemorative it will mainly focus on some of the great challenges faced by democracy today in Ireland, Europe and worldwide.   

The Hist250 events will include the following and booking details will be available soon:

We would be delighted if you could help either by volunteering your time to assist in organising the commemorative celebrations (contacts below) or by making a donation to the Hist Speakers Fund to further develop the Hist's debating activities and to strengthen the Society for the future.

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Hist 2019 - Programme of Events

For information on upcoming Hist events and activities please click here.

We are planning to hold Hist250 events in the UK and the United States in addition to the programme in Trinity. If you would like to play an active part, please contact us:

Ursula Quill

Director of Hist250

Sarah McMinn

UK Contact

Alex Fritz

North American Contact

Julia Bauer

Ireland Contact

Share your Hist memories with us

In preparation for the 2020 events we invite you to share your favourite memories and photos of your time at the Hist. If you would like to donate other memorabilia please contact hist250@thehist.com.