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Trinity Sanctuary Fund Appeal 2022

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Trinity Sanctuary Fund Appeal 2022

In times of war, let’s support knowledge and learning. The Trinity community of alumni, staff and friends have always given generously to support students who may not otherwise have access to education.

Karim Al Abasi,Trinity College Dublin scholar

Dear Friends,

Will you please help raise €100,000 for our Trinity Sanctuary Fund? Your urgent gift today will provide education and research to displaced students and scholars.

Imagine how it feels to have your city, street, and home bombed; to see your family’s lives, jobs and studies disrupted; to be terrorised out of your country and turned into refugees, dependent on others for sanctuary.

This is what is happening right now in Ukraine, where war has unleashed thousands of civilian casualties and injuries. And generated more than 14 million displaced people, a third of the population of the country.

Behind these devastating statistics are countless stories of disrupted studies and research – of scholars and students denied their right to pursue knowledge and further their careers.

Karim tells us his story about trying to study for exams, aged 15, in war-torn Syria, on just two hours of electricity a day. Gifted in maths and languages, what would have happened to Karim’s gifts had he not got asylum in Ireland and received funding from generous supporters like you for a scholarship to study computer science at Trinity?

Will you give a gift to help students like Karim from conflict zones to come to Trinity to realise their potential?

Trinity is now a recognised University of Sanctuary, committed to supporting students and academics from global conflict zones. In 2019 we established the Asylum Seeker Access Provision programme to provide scholarships to students, like Karim, in direct provision.

Now the war in Ukraine has resulted in a new and urgent set of circumstances. In the three months since the invasion, 30,000 Ukrainians have entered Ireland, more than three times the total number of refugees arriving annually in previous years.

In response to this, we have established the Trinity Sanctuary Fund. This fund will provide safe support to all at-risk students and scholars fleeing war and persecution around the world. Please, will you consider making a gift to support the Trinity Sanctuary Fund?

Your gift to the Trinity Sanctuary Fund will help Ukrainian and other students and scholars fleeing conflict to realise their potential.

Karim, like so many other young people, had no say in what happened to his life and his country. But he didn’t give up hope. He kept faith in the power of education, and alumni like you rewarded him with a scholarship to Trinity.

In his letter, Karim writes that education teaches you to be compassionate. He draws a direct line from the compassion of Trinity alumni like you who fund access scholarships to the compassion that his Trinity education is instilling in him. He hopes his story will encourage you to support other students coming from conflict zones.

Please support the Trinity Sanctuary Fund. If you make a gift today, you will be helping asylum seekers and displaced students and scholars to continue their education and research.

Thank you,

Kate Bond,
Director of Advancement,
Trinity Development & Alumni

Thank you for your continued generosity to our university. Please support the Trinity Sanctuary Fund. If you make a gift today, you will be helping asylum seekers and displaced students and scholars to continue their education and research.