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Trinity Law School

Over the centuries Trinity has inspired lawyers and legislators who have challenged the status quo and changed the course of history. Trinity is expanding its Law School and enabling curriculum developments that will advance the scope and range of its education, research and civic engagement programmes.

A new building will enhance Trinity Law School’s ability to deliver contemporary legal programmes, educating graduates to become ethical and analytical leaders not only in the legal profession, but across business, technology, politics and social policy.

Universities play a vital role in ensuring that laws are effective but also that rights and fundamental freedoms are protected insofar as possible, even in emergency circumstances.

To address this, the Trinity Centre for Constitutional Governance has joined forces with the Corporate Law, Governance and Capital Markets research group in the Trinity College Law School to establish a COVID-19 Law and Human Rights Observatory. The Observatory engages in research across the full range of Ireland’s legal response to COVID-19, aiming to inform the public and to provoke public debate.

The Trinity Law School is one of the priority projects within Inspiring Generations; our ambition is to ensure that our rich past is instrumental to our ambitious future by providing newly developed programmes focussing on A.I., EU law, Financial regulation and constitutional governance.