b'Strategic Plan 2020 25Examples of activity and achievement Redmond OConnell - and - Matthew Campbellreceived 2019 ERC Consolidator Grants. How does behavior emerge from the Redmond will pioneer a behavioural modellingintegrative action of the nervous system? framework to examine individual and groupdierence in decision-making. Matthew willHow do the mind and brain develop from investigate the underlying cause of age-relatedinfancy and through the course of life? macular degeneration (AMD) which aects up to onein four people over the age of 60 in Ireland. Paul Dockreereceived an IRC Laureate ConsolidatorSpotlight Award for research on cortical and subcorticalinteractions during sustained attention in 2019.Redmond OConnell, Associate Professor in Social Kevin Mitchellpublished a book entitled InnatehowNeuroscience, sheds light on the neural principles the wiring of our brains shapes who we are. Publishedand processes underpinning decision making. This by Princeton University Press in 2018. work is made possible by his teams development ofgroundbreaking non-invasive neurophysiological Mani Ramaswamiproposed a revised text-booktechniques for observing and measuring the process mechanism for behavioural habituation in the 2019of decision formation as it evolves in the human Edition of Cognitive Neuroscience: The Biology of thebrain. Mind,MIT Press 6th Edition. Ed. Michael S. Gazzaniga Fiona Newell was co-curator of Fake; an exhibitionin the Science Gallery Dublin visited by over 80,000people.TCIN neural systems andbehaviour research uses avariety of imagingtechniques and aims tounderstand the circuitryand mechanisms of braindisorders and seeks earlymarkers for detection toimprove potentialtreatment regimes.Fiona Newell, Professor of Experimental Psychology,is investigating human perceptual function,particularly how information from the senses mergesto form a coherent percept of our world. Fionas teamcreatively combines psychophysical andneuroimaging (i.e. fMRI and EEG) approaches toinvestigate the cortical and behavioural correlates ofmultisensory perception. As well as measuringperceptual abilities in the neurotypical brain, herteam also studies synaesthesia, sensory deprivation,and the role of development across the lifespan onperception. 8'