b'Strategic Plan 2020 25MRI and EEG research at TCINaims to find ways to reducethe human impact of BrainDisorders and improveoutcomes for patients.Clare Kelly,Ussher Assistant Professor of FunctionalWhat are the mechanisms underlying Neuroimaging, is using resting state and task-basedpsychiatric disorders? fMRI approaches to characterise brain function inhealthy individuals and individuals withHow do we improve clinical diagnostics, neurodevelopmental disorders. Clare has recentlyexpanded her research focus to include eorts totreatments and outcomes? examine functional connectomics in animal models(macaques, rodents). Such eorts, constitute aSpotlight translational bridge to her work on theneurobiological bases of developmental disorders inDeclan McLoughlin, Research Professor of Psychiatry, humans. is developing molecular biomarkers to aid diagnosisand long term management of depression in parallel Examples of activity and achievement with randomized controlled trials to improve therapy.The recently reported EFFECT-Dep trial is the largest Jane McGrath is participating in an internationalever European clinical trial of electroconvulsive neuroimaging collaboration ENIGMA ASD, antherapy and, along with related meta-analyses, is international study relevant to people with autismimproving clinical practice in the treatment of severe, and NICAP (Neuroimaging of the Childrens Attentionoften resistant, depression.Project, a large Australian longitudinal imagingPIs in TCIN are leading the only clinical trials in project of children with ADHD). Ireland of consciousness-altering drugs for the Claire Gillans research has been featured in manytreatment of depression. Declan McLoughlinis news media outlets, including the Guardian,running a randomized clinical trial of ketamine Scientific American, Spectator, ScienceLine and Theeicacy in depression, and Veronica OKeane, Sunday Times. Shehas presented her research onProfessor in Psychiatry in Tallaght University several BBC documentariesGrowing Children, BBCHospital, is leading a randomized clinical trial (2012), Inside My Mind, BBC (2013) and OCDaexploring the eicacy of psilocybin in treatment- monster in my mind(2015).resistant depression.TCIN is the only center in Ireland where neuroimaging Declan McLoughlinreceived funding from the HRB toresearch in depression is being conducted.investigate whether patients recover more quicklyThe intellectual expertise available to clinical PIs has from depression with ketamine rather than with afacilitated influential publications in high impact placebo. The study also investigates potentialjournals, and is now facilitating the novel exploration biomarkers associated with depression (2019).of cross-diagnostic and diagnosis-specific Lorina Naci was a recipient of a LOral-UNESCO forneuroimaging markers.Women in Science International Rising Talents Award(2017).Mary Cannonsream is funded by a ERC consolidatoraward (iHEAR) to investigate the meanings andmechanisms of psychotic symptoms among youngOther research groups associated people (2017-2022). with this theme are led by:Arun Bokdeis co-ordinating a MCSA-ITN projectArun Bokde, Mary Cannon,entitled Network of excellence of training on hate;Aiden Corvin, Claire Gillan,Impact of hate on bystanders (from 2020). Iracema Leroi, Simon McCarthy-Jones, Jane McGrath, Lorina Naci,Ian Robertson, Rob Whelan. 0'