b'2 Psychiatry & Clinical NeuroscienceThe Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience research underlie common pathologies and disease pathwaystheme addresses neurological and psychiatric in psychiatric disorders, e.g. depression, bipolardisorders that are major contributors to the global disorder, schizophrenia, dementia; identify blood andburden of disease and are thus of significant neuroimaging biomarkers for clinical practice, whichsocioeconomic importance. In parallel, maintaining necessitates the development of a biobank ofand improving brain health are key factors in biological samples (e.g. DNA, RNA, protein) from well-promoting resilience and contributing to mental well- characterised diagnostic and control groups.being. Research in this thematic area develops a Research in this theme involves application andscientific understanding of the basic mechanisms integration of cutting-edge knowledge in genomics,underlying these disorders, and the translation of this molecular neuroscience, neuroimaging and onlineknowledge into improving clinical diagnosis and data collection platforms as well as utilisation ofenabling eective treatments.clinical trials expertise in depression and addictionsto fast track research advances into clinical practice.Current goals within this theme are: to establish how Researchers are also actively engaged in promotionearly life adversity contributes to mood and other of public and patient involvement in research. brain disorders; understand mechanisms thatThe 7th WorldWomens Congress held in Dublin High Performance Computing Infrastructure is ahad strong TCIN PI involvement including Prof computational resource in Neuroscience research.Veronica OKeane on the organising committee.9'