b"Strategic Plan 2020 25What causes neurons to die ormalfunction?What protective strategies aremost eective? Examples of activity and achievement Colm Cunninghamreceive an R01 award from the NIH.Within the delirium field Colm has been invited as thepathophysiology lead on 2 major 'think tanks' in theUS in 2019 and as the pathophysiology lead onposition papers/white papers/editorials within thefield of delirium in dementia and in cognitivedysfunction in critical care. Prof. Brian Lawlor speaking at AAIC InternationalConference on Dementia in Sao Paolo Marina Lynchwas the The Irish Society ofImmunology Public Lecture Awardee in 2019.Spotlight Sarah Doylereceived the 2019 International SocietyMichael Rowan, Professor of Neuropharmacology, is for interferon and cytokine research (ICIS) Milsteinaddressing how misfolded proteins aect synaptic young investigator award for her research relating toplasticity, in particular the Alzheimer's disease- cytokines and interferons. related amyloidprotein (A). Research Richard Carsonwas appointed a senior editor of theachievements include the discovery of the potent Journal of Physiology in 2019.eects on long-term-potentiation (LTP) of dierentspecies of amyloidprotein, especially low-n Aine Kelly is currently President of Neuroscienceoligomers. Michaels research has also revealed that Ireland and represents Ireland on the Federation ofscavenging glutamate in blood is suicient to reverse European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) governingthe disruption of synaptic plasticity caused by excess council.brain glutamate. Furthermore, Alzheimers diseaseA-mediated inhibition of LTP can be modulated bi-directionally by the glutamate-cystine exchanger,system xc-.Maeve Caldwell,Professor in Neuroscience is utilisinghuman induced pluripotent stem cell technology tounderstand complex neurodegenerative diseases;having a particular interest in Parkinson's andAlzheimer's disease. Maeve is also interested in adultneurogenesis and how that is aected in animalmodels of both of these diseases.Other research groups associated with thistheme are led by: Matthew Campbell, Veronica Campbell, Richard Carson,Colm Cunningham, Mark Cunningham, Gavin Davey, Sarah Doyle, Kumlesh Dev, Eric Downer, Jane Farrar, Joe Harbison,Orla Hardiman, Andrew Harkin, ine Kelly, Simon Kelly, David Loane, Marina Lynch, Mani Ramaswami, Roman Romero.Interventions inneurodegeneration2"