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Professor Frank Wellmer
Professor In, Genetics

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Molecular control of flower develpment in, Current Topics in Developmental Biology: Plant Development and Evolution, 2019, [Thomson, B. and Wellmer, F.] Book Chapter, 2019 URL

Xu, Y. and Prunet, N. and Gan, E.-S. and Wang, Y. and Stewart, D. and Wellmer, F. and Huang, J. and Yamaguchi, N. and Tatsumi, Y. and Kojima, M. and Kiba, T. and Sakakibara, H. and Jack, T.P. and Meyerowitz, E.M. and Ito, T., SUPERMAN regulates floral whorl boundaries through control of auxin biosynthesis, EMBO Journal, 37, (11), 2018, pe97499- Journal Article, 2018 DOI TARA - Full Text

A specific knockdown of transcription factor activities in Arabidopsis in, Plant Transcription factors, 2018, pp81-92 , [Zheng, B. and Thomson, B. and Wellmer, F.] Book Chapter, 2018 DOI

*O'Maoileidigh, D.S., *Stewart, D., Zheng, B., and Coupland, G. and Wellmer, F., Floral homeotic proteins modulate the genetic program for leaf development to suppress trichome formation in flowers, Development, 145, (3), 2018 Journal Article, 2018 DOI TARA - Full Text

Profiling histone modifications in synchronized floral tissues for quantitative resolution of chromatin and transcriptome dynamics in, Plant Chromatin Dynamics, 2018, 271-296 , [Engelhorn, J., Wellmer, F., Carles, C.C.] Book Chapter, 2018 DOI

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Schulenberg, B., Wellmer, F., Lill, H., Junge, W., and Engelbrecht, S., Cross-linking of the chloroplast F0F1-ATPase subunit epsilon to gamma without effects on activity. Epsilon and gamma are parts of the rotor., European Journal of Biochemistry, 249, (1), 1997, p134 - 141 Journal Article, 1997 DOI

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Flower development in, Encyclopedia of Applied Plant Sciences, Academic Press, 2017, pp269 - 274, [Wellmer, F.] Book Chapter, 2017

Genome structure and organization in, B. Buchanan, W. Gruissem, R. Jones , Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Plants, New York, Wiley, 2015, [Town, C.D. and Wellmer, F.] Book Chapter, 2015

José Luis Riechmann, Frank Wellmer , Flower Development: Methods and Protocols., Methods in Molecular Biology, Springer, 2014, 1-469pp Book, 2014 DOI

Research Expertise


Gene regulatory networks; Genetics; Genomes, Genomics; Molecular Genetics; Plant Biochemistry; Plant Development; Plant Sciences; Regulatory Biology