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Postgraduate Student Handbook

The postgraduate student handbook is available here.

Postgraduate Representatives

A number of registered postgraduate research students serve as representatives for the broader graduate community in the School of English every year (excluding MPhil students, who have their own class representatives for each taught programme). The Graduate Students’ Union oversees the election of these representatives, which usually takes place in September. Teaching Assistants in the School also have a representative.

The current TA representative in the School is Esther Reilly. Esther attends School committee meetings, liaises with individual TAs and postgraduates, and hosts occasional TA and PGR meetings. Amudha Mathur Vinayagamoorthy is the School Convenor and sits on our School's Executive Committee. Esther and Amudha can be contacted directly at: and respectively. 


Current Research Students

Halila Bayramova

Name: Halila Bayramova


Supervisor: Dr Sam Slote

Dissertation Title: Towards a Digital Genetic Edition of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake Chapter II.2

Projected Completion:  September 2020

Funding: Trinity College Dublin Postgraduate Studentship 1252

Background: BA (Hons) in English Philology from the Azerbaijan University of Languages; MA in English Linguistics & Literature from the University of Antwerp

Research keywords: manuscript genetics, digital textual editing, Irish modernism, TEI, genetic criticism

Shefali Banerji

Name: Shefali Banerji


Supervisor: Dr Melanie Otto

Thesis Title: Jean Rhys and the appropriated voice: black presence in Rhysian short fiction

Projected Completion:  August 2025

Academic Background: BA (Honours) English, St. Xavier's College Calcutta (2016); MA in English, University of Calcutta (2018)

Research keywords: Jean Rhys, creole literature, black presence, unbelongingness, complexity of identity, othered voices

Ginevra Bianchini

Name: Ginevra Bianchini


Supervisor: Dr Melanie Otto

Thesis Title: Naked flesh: on the intersectionality of rape culture between race and gender in the United Kingdom and North America.

Projected Completion: 2025

Funding: N/A

Academic Background: Bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures (2014-2017 at the University of Bologna); Master's degree in Modern, Postcolonial and Comparative Literatures (2017-2020 at the University of Bologna) 

Research keywords:  Gender Studies, Critical Race Theory, Visual Studies, Film Studies, Indigenous North American Literature, British African Cultural Productions, Rape Culture, Women's Writing.

Charlotte Buckley

Name: Charlotte Buckley


Supervisors: Deirdre Madden and Kevin Power

Thesis Title: Redefining the Cartography of the Irish Pastoral Poem

Projected Completion:
August 2025

Academic Background:  B.A. (Hons) in English Literature from the University of Manchester. MPhil in Creative Writing, Trinity College Dublin (2012-13

Research keywords: Irish poetry, women poets, gender, cartography, landscapes

Leah Byrne

Name: Leah Byrne


Supervisor: Dr Clare Clarke

Thesis Title: Working title: ‘Bad things happen:’ The Toxic Family in Gillian Flynn’s Domestic Noir Fiction

Projected Completion: March 2027

Academic Background: BA (Hons) in English Studies, Trinity College Dublin. MPhil in Popular Literature, Trinity College Dublin

Research keywords: Gillian Flynn, domestic noir, family, crime fiction, feminism, popular literature

Siobhán Callaghan

Name: Siobhán Callaghan


Supervisor: Dr Pádraic Whyte

Dissertation Title: The displaced children of the Second World War in historical fiction for children

Projected Completion: 2022 

Funding: Irish Research Council 

Background: BA in English and Drama, M.Phil. in Children’s Literature

Research keywords:children's literature, historical fiction, displacement, war 

S.J. DeMattio

Name: S.J. DeMattio


Dr. Chris Morash

Thesis Title:
Exhuming the Later Works of Ireland’s Forgotten Dramatist, Teresa Deevy

Projected Completion: September 2023

Fulbright Ireland-USA, Open Study/Research Award

Academic Background:
BA (Literature and Theology), Sarah Lawrence College. 

Research keywords:
Irish Women Writers, Feminism, Catholicism, Theatre History, Performance Theory, 20th Century Irish Theatre, Teresa Deevy.  

Orlaith Darling

Name: Orlaith Darling


Supervisor: Dr Paul  Delaney

Thesis Title: 'Welcome to the good life!': Representations of neoliberalism in contemporary Irish women's short fiction

Projected Completion:  September 2023

Funding: Irish Research Council

Academic Background: BA (Hons) TSM English Literature & History, Trinity College Dublin (2018); MSc Literature and Modernity: 1900 - Present, University of Edinburgh (2019)

Research keywords: Short fiction; neoliberalism; women's writing; Irish writing

Janice Deitner

Name: Janice Lynne Deitner


Supervisor: Dr Bernice M. Murphy

Thesis Title: "You Know": Bodies of Knowledge in Shirley Jackson's America

Projected Completion: September 2023

Funding: TCD Provost’s PhD Project Award 

Academic Background: BA in English Studies (disc. scol.), Trinity College Dublin

Research keywords:  Shirley Jackson, American Literature, the Gothic, Horror, Science Fiction, Popular Literature, Body/Mind, Contagion, Christian Science, Early and Mid-Twentieth Century.

Orla Donnelly

Name: Orla Donnelly


Supervisor: Dr Clare Clarke

Thesis Title: Dark Tourism and the Late-Victorian British Fictions of Gothic Egypt

Projected Completion: August 2024

Funding: Provost Research Project Award

Academic Background: B.A., Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (I.A.D.T.), M.Phil, Trinity College Dublin (2014-15)

Research keywords: British; Nineteenth Century Literature; Dark Tourism; Gothic Egypt

Anna Donovan

Name: Anna Donovan


Supervisor: Prof Aileen Douglas

Dissertation Title: Frances Burney: Sympathy, Sincerity, and National Identity, 1778-1814

Projected Completion: September 2020 

Background: BA in New Media and English, University of Limerick (2015); MA in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, University of Limerick (2017)

Research keywords:Eighteenth-century literature; National Identity; Frances Burney; British theatre of the eighteenth-century

Rebecca Easler

Name: Rebecca Easler


Supervisor: Dr. Jarlath Killeen

Thesis Title: Representations of the Dead Child in the Novels of Charles Dickens

Projected Completion:  September 2023

Academic Background: B.A. (Hons) in English Literature and History from Concordia College Moorhead (2014); MSc in Literature and Society: Enlightenment, Romantic, and Victorian Literature from the University of Edinburgh (2017)

Research keywords: Charles Dickens, Child Death, Childhood, Victorian Death Culture, Social Criticism, 

Tony Flynn

Name: Tony Flynn


Supervisor: Dr Jane Suzanne Carroll

Dissertation Title: Inscriptions in Children's Books, Ireland 1900 - 1925: The collection and preservation of childhood through marginalia and inscriptions in the Pollard Collection of Children's Books

Projected completion:
February 2025

Funding: TCD Provost's PhD Project Award

Background: BA (Hons) in Film + Television Production, Institute of Art, Design and Technology Dun Laoghaire (2011); M.Phil. in Children's Literature, Trinity College Dublin 2018

Research Keywords:
marginalia; inscriptions; childhood studies; the Pollard Collection; book as object

Casey Lawrence

Name: Casey Lawrence


Supervisor: Dr Sam Slote 

Dissertation Title: ‘The New Womanly Man’: Crossdressing and gender inversion in Joyce and his contemporaries

Projected Completion: September 2022

Funding: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)

Background: MA, Brock University (Canada)

Research keywords: James Joyce; Modernism; crossdressing; gender; queer

Ziyun Liu

Name: Ziyun Liu


Supervisor: Professor Andy Murphy

Thesis Title: The Dissemination and Reception of Works from the Irish Literary Revival in Republican China

Projected Completion: September 2024


Academic Background: BA in Editing and Publishing, BIGC (Beijing), MPhil in Textual and Visual Studies, TCD (Dublin)

Research keywords:
Nationalism, Publishing History, Cultural Communication

Ariana Lyriotakis

Name: Ariana Lyriotakis


Supervisor: Professor Stephen Matterson

Thesis Title: "In the exile that deepens": Misanthropic Isolation in Galway Kinnell

Projected Completion: August 2025

Academic Background
: BA (Distinction) English Literature and Political Science, McGill University (2000); MA Twentieth-Century Literature, University of Leeds (2001)

Research keywords: New England poetics, middle-generation, Kinnell, radio, exile

Amelia McConville

Name: Amelia McConville 


Supervisor(s): Dr Philip Coleman & Prof Mani Ramaswami (Genetics)

Dissertation Title: Poetry Studies and Neurohumanities: Interdisciplinary Approaches

Projected Completion: September 2021

Funding: 1252 Student Scholarship

Background: BA English and Philosophy, Trinity College Dublin

Research keywords: Poetry Studies, Visual Poetry, Neurohumanities

Margaret Masterson

Name: Margaret Masterson


Dr Jane Suzanne Carroll

Thesis Title:
Maria Edgeworth in the Pollard Collection of children’s books: constructing, collecting and conserving girlhood in the children’s literature archive

Projected Completion:
September 2023

Irish Research Council

Academic Background:
BMT in Music Therapy, Loyola University New Orleans, USA (1991); MLIS in Library and Information Science, Dominican University, USA (2006); MPhil in Children's Literature, Trinity College Dublin (2019)

Research keywords:
Maria Edgeworth, children's literature, young adult literature, Irish bibliography, book history, print culture, book collection, girlhood studies

Chiara Mastronardo

Name: Chiara Mastronardo


Supervisor: Professor Christopher Morash Thesis

Thesis Title: Archipelagic relations and the space of Islands’ Popular Fiction: a comparative perspective of Ireland, Iceland, Taiwan, Singapore and Cuba

Projected Completion: 2026

Academic Background: B.A. (Hons) in Languages, Cultures, Literature and Translation – English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish from “La Sapienza” University of Rome (2015); M.Phil. in Chinese Studies from Trinity College Dublin (2018)

Research keywords: Island Studies, Spatial theory, Irish writing, Literary spaces, Comparative literatur

Hannah Elizabeth Mathew

Name: Hannah Elizabeth Mathew


Supervisor: Professor Darryl Jones

Dissertation Title: “A phoenix quality of the mind”: John Wyndham and the Cold-War Dystopia

Projected Completion: August 2024

Funding: TCD Postgraduate Research Studentship (1252)

Background: M.A. in English from Ambedkar University Delhi.  

Research keywords: dystopias, biopolitics, cold-war, intellectual outlier, personhood. 

Elliott Mills

Name: Elliott Mills 


Supervisor: Dr Tom Walker and Dr Sam Slote

Dissertation Title: Flann O'Brien and the Technologies of Communication 

Projected Completion: August 2022

Funding: Irish Research Council 

Background: BA(Hons) and MA, University of Manchester 

Research keywords: Modernism, Irish Studies, New Media, Flann O’Brien

Caitlin Moon

Name: Caitlin Moon 


Supervisor: Dr Brendan O’Connell

Dissertation Title: The Loathly Lady: Dynamic and Didactic Phases of Gender & Disability in Medieval Literature

Projected Completion: Spring 2021

Background: BA, University of Delaware (2015); MA in English, Villanova University (2017), MA Certificate in Women and Gender Studies, Villanova University (2017)

Research keywords: Medieval Literature, Women, Disability, Gender, Loathly Lady

Méabh Ní Choileáin

Name: Méabh Ní Choileáin


Supervisor:  Dr. Pádraic Whyte

Thesis Title: The Construction of Social and Cultural Identity in Irish American Children's Literature (1850 - 1933)

Projected Completion: August 2025

Academic Background:  BA (hons) Modern Irish and Drama Studies from University College Dublin, Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Primary) from Dublin City University, M.Phil with distinction in Children's Literature from Trinity College Dublin. Former Fulbright scholar at the The Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.

James Michael O'Brien

Name: James Michael O'Brien


Supervisor: Dr Philip Coleman

Dissertation Title: ‘The Going to What Lasts’: A critical and contextual reading of Raymond Carver’s poetry.

Projected Completion: 2025

Background: I am currently a teacher (secondary) in the UK. My undergraduate degree was from The University of Edinburgh. 

Research keywords: Carver, Poetry, Alcohol, Cure, Transcendental

Ellen Orchard

Name: Ellen Orchard 

Supervisor: Dr Rosie Lavan

Thesis Title: The Child in Irish Poetry: From Yeats to the Present 

Projected Completion: 2025

Funding: Irish Research Council

Academic Background: BA English, Trinity College Dublin (2014-18); MA Poetry: Creativity and Criticism (2018-19)

Gustav Parker Hibbett

Name: Gustav Parker Hibbett


Supervisor: Dr. Kevin Power & Dr. Rosie Lavan

Thesis Title: Divorce Gifts: Autoethnographic Essays on Race, Language, and Systemic Power

Projected Completion: 2025

Academic Background: B.A. in English, Stanford University (2018) 

Research keywords: decolonialism, autoethnography, semiotics, genre studies

Ann Pascoe-van Zyl

Name: Ann Pascoe-van Zyl


Supervisor: Dr Alice Jorgensen

Dissertation Title:

Working Title
: 'A Lexical Study of Emotion Vocabulary in Situ within Landscape, Space and Place in the Anglo-Saxon Psalms'

Projected Completion
: September 2025

: BA English and Economics and BA (Hons) English, Rhodes University, South Africa; MA in English Studies with Distinction, University of Nottingham (2018)

Research keywords
: Old English Psalms; Latin Psalms; Old English Poetry; Emotion and Cognition in Old English Literature; Landscape; Space; Place; Cognitive Poetics  

Claire Poynton-Smith

Name: Claire Poynton-Smith


Supervisor: Dr Mark Faulkner

Dissertation Title: Working title: ‘Continuity and Change in the Vernacular Vocabulary of Sainthood, c. 950 — c. 1250’

Projected Completion: September 2024

Funding: Provost's PhD Project Award

Background: BA Hons English Language and Literature, University of Oxford (2012-2015); Postgraduate Certificate in Secondary Education with Distinction, University of Leicester (2015-2016); MA Viking and Anglo-Saxon Studies, University of Nottingham (2018-2019)

Research keywords: Medieval literature; late Old English; early Middle English; twelfth-century English; Saints' Lives; gender; historical linguistics

Amrutha Puthuruvalapil Unnikrishnan 

Name: Amrutha Puthuruvalapil Unnikrishnan


Supervisor: Dr. Melanie Otto

Thesis Title: Space in Displacement Narratives: A Study of Political and Psychological Spaces in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Writings

Projected Completion:  September 2025

Funding:  Academic Background: BA in English Language and Literature from University of Calicut, India and MA in English Literature from The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India.

Research keywords
:  Spatial Identity, Citizenship, Refugee/Displacement Narratives, Political spaces, Home, Unhome, Aspirational displacement, Transitional Spaces, Gendered Mobilities, Resistance, Adaptation

Esther Reilly

Name: Esther Reilly 


Supervisor: Dr Jarlath Killeen 

Thesis Title: Extreme Bodies in Wilkie Collins' Fiction

Projected Completion: September 2023

Academic Background: B.A. in English Literature, University of Pittsburgh (2018); M.Phil. in Children's Literature, Trinity College Dublin (2019)

Research Keywords: Freakery;
 Victorian Freak Shows; Nineteenth-century cultural studies; Nineteenth-century popular culture; Disability studies; Critical body studies; Sensation Fiction

Brenda Romero

Name: Brenda Romero


Supervisor: Eoin McNamee and Kevin Power

Thesis Title: Literary Slivers: Memoirs of Women in Tech

Projected Completion:  2025

Funding: N/A

Academic Background: MA, National University of Ireland in Galway, 2021. BSc, Technical Communications, Clarkson University 2006

Research keywords: Gender, Memoir, Games, Technology, Programming, Code, Women

Stefano Rosignoli

Name: Stefano Rosignoli


Supervisor: Dr Sam Slote

Dissertation Title: A Comparative Textual Analysis of the Ethics of James Joyce and Samuel Beckett.

Projected Completion: 30 September 2020

Background: Modern Literature (2006) and Publishing Studies (2008), University of Bologna

Research keywords: James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, textual scholarship, moral philosophy.

Eric Swartz

Name: Eric Swartz


Supervisor: Dr. Julie Bates

Dissertation Title: Sewers, Oil Rigs, and Other Messy, Misbehaving Infrastructure in Contemporary Fiction

Projected Completion: September 2024

Funding: 1252 Studentship

Background: BA in English, Belmont Abbey College (2018). MPhil in Irish Writing, Trinity College Dublin (2019).

Research keywords: world literature, literature in translation, infrastructure, networks, engineering, Flann O'Brien

Elena Valli

Name: Elena Valli


Supervisor: Prof Stephen Matterson

Thesis Title: 17th-century Religious Exercises and Meditations in the Poetry of Elizabeth Bishop, Anthony Hecht, and Geoffrey Hill. (working title)

Projected Completion: September 2025

Funding: Fitzroy Pyle Postgraduate Entry Bursary

Academic Background: BA Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Bologna (2014-2017); MA English and American Literary Studies (Joint Degree), University of Venice Ca' Foscari (2017-2020)

Research keywords: formalist poetry; religion; modernism and postmodernism; 17th-century poetry; Elizabeth Bishop; Anthony Hecht; Geoffrey Hill 

Amudha Mathur Vinayagamoorthy

Name: Amudha Mathur Vinayagamoorthy


Supervisor: Dr Pádraic Whyte

Dissertation Title: The Politics of Trauma in the Disintegration of Childhood and Nationhood as Observed in South Asian Children's Literature

Projected Completion: September 2024

Background:  MA in English, Stella Maris College, University of Madras (2017) 

Research keywords: Children's Literature; Young Adult Fiction; South Asian Literature; Trauma Studies

Bowen Wang

Name: Bowen Wang  


Supervisor: Professor Philip Coleman

Dissertation Title: From Ut pictura poesis to Intermediality: Mina Loy, E. E. Cummings, and Djuna Barnes as Modernist Painter-Poets

Projected Completion: September 2023

TCD-CSC (China Scholarship Council) Joint Scholarship Programme

BA English Language and Literature, Sun Yat-sen University (2016); MSc Literature and Modernity: 1900 to the Present, University of Edinburgh (2018)

Research Keywords:
Modernism; intermediality; literature and visual art; experimental poetics; avant-garde

Annie Williams

Name: Annie Williams


Supervisor: Dr Julie Bates

Thesis Title: Liquid Modernism: Bodies of Water in British and Irish Literature

Projected Completion: 2025

Funding: Trinity College Dublin Postgraduate Research Studentship

Academic Background: B.A. (First Class Honours) English Literature, University of Manchester (2018). M.A. English Literature, University of British Columbia (2020).

Research keywords: modernism; embodiment; environment