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English Studies (Single Honor)

The study of English is concerned with the history and practices of writing in English and encompasses literary works spanning English, Anglo-Irish, American and emerging postcolonial cultures. It aims to develop a thorough knowledge of the history of these literatures while also enabling students to develop a sophisticated critical consciousness and an awareness of critical and cultural theory.

More details about the modules studied will be contained in the 'modules' section of the student handbooks which will be uploaded to the Fresher and Sophister pages in Michaelmas Term.

English Literature (TSM and Joint Honors)

English Literature covers a broad range of literatures written in the English language, from Chaucer to the present day. The aim of the course is to help you acquire a thorough knowledge of the history of differing literatures while also enabling you to develop a sophisticated critical consciousness and an awareness of critical and cultural theory.

Students taking English Literature and another subject who entered in 2018-2019 or earlier do so within the framework of the Two Subject Moderatorship Degree (TSM).

Starting with the 2019-2020 intake, students studying English and another subject will enter as Joint Honors students. This structure will allow more flexibity than the TSM degree, including, for the first time in English, the opportunity to study two subjects for the full four years.

While TSM and Joint Honors students cover all the principal areas of literatures in English, they take a selection of the modules available to Single Honors students in order to leave time for their other subject.

Details of the SH and TSM (and from 2019-2020 Joint Honors) courses are contained in the student handbooks, available on the Fresher and Sophister pages.

Course Content

During your four year undergraduate degree here at Trinity, the subjects you study will be balanced with optional courses, with the latter coming into play for the most part in the Sophister (third and fourth) years. You can find more information on Sophister Courses here.

The course is taught through a mixture of lectures, seminars and tutorials. There is particular emphasis on small-group teaching, enabling you to benefit from close personal staff supervision. Independent study and research are encouraged, and quite a high proportion of your time will be taken up preparing work in the library and writing essays.