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Save Reading Gaol Petition

Reading Gaol is an important national heritage site, where Oscar Wilde was imprisoned and Henry I is believed to be buried nearby. A petition is available to see it preserved and enhanced to become an arts hub and to celebrate Reading's heritage. Please sign the petition here.

The Ministry of Justice is going to market the site in September and so they are currently preparing their bid proposal and gathering support from across the area. We call on the Ministry of Justice to support this and not to sell it off to the highest bidder. This wonderful site should stay open to the public, it is too important to be redeveloped as luxury flats.

Theatre and Arts Reading is mounting a bid to purchase Reading Gaol from the Ministry of Justice to develop it as an arts and education hub. The Trust are now looking for as much support for their proposal as possible. If you are happy to support the project please send a short email pledging your support to Hilary Scott, TAR Executive Secretary, on, and if you could pass these details on to anyone else in Wildean community who you think would be interested in supporting this project, we would greatly appreciate it.

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