EC 4010 Economic Theory: Macroeconomics Module 2004-2005

Dr. Karl Whelan


Telephone: 01 434-4392

About This Course:

This module covers a number of topics in macroeconomic theory. We will start by focusing on various theories of the determinants of long-run economic growth. The rest of the course will then focus on a set of rational expectations models, first looking at how agents' expectations of the future affect stock prices, consumption, and investment, and then considering some topics related to monetary policy. Here is the syllabus.

About Me:

Since 2002, I have worked as a researcher in macroeconomics at the Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland. Previously, I worked as a staff economist at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington DC, obtained a PhD in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and (a long time ago) a degree in economics and mathematics from TCD. Most of my research papers can be found here. Click here for my CV.

New! EC4010 Assignment 2005 (Karl Whelan)

Lecture Notes:

Topic 1: The Solow Model of Economic Growth

Topic 2: AK Models

Topic 3: Endogenous technology & Cross-Country Evidence

Topic 4: The Dividend-Discount Model of Stock Prices

Topic 5: Rational Expectations, Consumption & Asset Prices

Topic 6: Investment with Adjustment Costs

Topic 7: The New-Keynesian Phillips Curve

Topic 8: Critiques of the New-Keynesian Phillips Curve

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