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Introduction to Phonetics and Phonemics

Transcription Exercises

N.B. 'HE' denotes Hiberno English. The set of phonetic symbols used is taken from Chapter 7 (pp. 88, 93, 95) of Introduction to Language Study (CLCS, Trinity College Dublin, 2001).

Recordings and transcription © Copyright 2005 Phonetics & Speech Laboratory, CLCS, Trinity College Dublin.

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Comma Gets a Cure: A Diagnostic Passage for Accent Study (extract)

© Copyright 2000 Douglas N. Honorof, Jill McCullough & Barbara Somerville. All rights reserved.

Listen (comma_hiberno_english.wav, 4.35mb)

Listen (comma_scottish.wav, 1.02mb)

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The Owl and the Pussycat

by Edward Lear

Listen (owl_and_pussycat_hiberno_english.wav, 5.03mb)

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The Rainbow Passage

Fairbanks, G. (1960). Voice and articulation drillbook. New York: Harper & Row.

Listen (rainbow_passage_hiberno_english.wav, 2.27mb)

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