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Undergraduate Courses

Podcasts of Orientation sessions are available on the podcasts page here

Congratulations on gaining your place to study at Trinity! We're delighted that you have chosen to study with us and will do all we can to help you settle in.

The information provided on this page tells you what you need to know before you come to join us; please read the information for students on all courses and then check the table below to see if your course is listed. If your course is listed here, please click on the link to go to the course's page which has additional pre-registration forms and information. If your course is not listed, all the information you need before you can register is available on this page.

Trinity Access Programmes students, International students, mature students and students with disabilities all have extra information they need before starting with us in September.

Timeline of key dates for undergraduate orientation

17 August 2016 Leaving Certificate Results
17 August 2016 Email from Trinity with important login and registration information
22 August 2016 CAO Round 1 Offers
22 August 2016 Trinity Welcome packs posted
12-14 September 2016

Mature (Undergraduate) Orientation

19-23 September 2016

Freshers' Week (Orientation for Undergraduates).

Monday 26 September 2016

Classes start (check your lecture timetable on Your first semester classes will start in 'Week 5' on the portal, which is the week beginning 26 September)

Information for all courses

The Provost's Welcome

The Provost's Welcome will take place on: Monday 19th September at 5pm and Tuesday 20th at 5pm in the Ed Burke Theatre in the Arts Building.

Students with surnames beginning A to L to attend on Monday 19th and students with surnames M to Z to attend on Tuesday.

Timetables for 2016-2017 Orientation

Please note that lunchtime talks are optional

Your personalised timetable for Orientation week events is available on now if you have accepted your place in Trinity. This timetable is subject to change so please make sure to check it regularly during Orientation week. A guide to accessing your timetable is available here

If you have any difficulty viewing your timetable, please contact

Trinity MyDay app

Download the Trinity MyDay app for Android and iPhone. This app, in conjunction with the desktop site ( gives you centralised access to all of your College services, from timetables to email to printing credit. Your Orientation week timetable will also be accessible through the Timetable tile in the app. You will login with the username and password you receive after you register.

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Information for all students

Additional information for:

Course Code Course Title
TR001 Economics TSM
TR007 Clinical Speech and Language studies
TR009 Music education
TR016 Deaf Studies
TR028 Ancient and Medieval history and culture
TR029 Political Science & Geography
TR032 Engineering
TR038 Engineering with Management
TR051 Medicine
TR052 Dental Science
TR053 Physiotherapy
TR054 Occupational Therapy
TR055 Radiation Therapy
TR056 Human Health and disease
TR071 Science
TR072 Pharmacy
TR073 Human Genetics
TR074 Chemistry with molecular modelling
TR075 Medicinal Chemistry
TR076 Nanoscience, physics and chemistry of advanced materials
TR077 Earth Sciences
TR080 Business Studies
TR081 BESS (Business, Economics and Social Studies)
TR083 Sociology and Social Policy
TR084 Social studies (social work)
TR085 Business Studies & French
TR086 Business Studies & German
TR087 Business Studies & Russian
TR089 Business Studies & Polish
TR090 Business Studies & Spanish
TR091 Nursing (General)
TR092 Nursing (General, mature students)
TR093 Nursing (General, Adelaide)
TR094 Nursing (General, Adelaide, mature students)
TR095 Nursing (Psychiatric)
TR096 Nursing (Psychiatric, mature students)
TR097 Nursing (Intellectual disability)
TR098 Nursing (Intellectual disability, mature students)
TR801 Dental Nursing
TR802 Dental Hygiene
TR803 Dental technology
TR911 Nursing (Children's and general integrated)
TR912 Nursing (Children's and general integrated, mature students)
TR913 Midwifery
TR914 Midwifery (mature students)