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Globalised Ireland

IIIS Research Associates undertake research that draws out the lessons from Ireland in understanding globalisation. Ireland is a useful case study, as it ranks at or near the top of various international rankings of globalisation and there is immense international interest in the Irish experience.

Ireland's successful early navigation through the hazards of the emergent global economy has policy lessons for countries that have found globalization more of a challenge. More recently the global financial crisis has hit Ireland exceptionally hard; this too reflecting Ireland's extreme openness and its over-heavy recourse to the readily available foreign capital in recent years. Studying the positive and negative economic impacts of globalization on Ireland can offer valuable lessons for other less-globalized national economies in planning their engagement with the global economy.

Among the research initiatives under way at IIIS to explore these issues is an IRCHSS-funded project designed to fill gaps in existing evidence on how the forces of globalization influenced the Irish economy and how Ireland managed to cope.  Without a full and detailed understanding of these points conventional interpretations remain insecure. 

The Trinity Immigration Initiative (TII) brings together key strands of TCD’s strategies in research and teaching to enable the university to play an influential role in developing a more inclusive, multicultural society for Ireland’s future. Choices and decisions concerning immigration that are currently being made at institutional and community levels will have a major impact on Irish society for this and future generations.  Sound evidence of the actual and potential impact of immigration at every level is required now as a basis for achieving coherent policy and creating a cohesive society for the future. The first key initiative in the TII is a major Research Programme on Diversity, Integration and Policy. This programme is designed to stimulate a quantum leap in research activity in relation to immigration, helping to generate evidence relevant to local and national policy and contributing to international debates and the development of international practice.  

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