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Political & Economic Integration in Europe



Research at the IIIS has a strong focus on European integration. As a research theme, the field cuts across traditional disciplinary boundaries to examine political, economic, social and cultural aspects of integration. One key area of research examines the EU’s political and legal institutions. What are the rules by which the European Union governs itself? How do the EU’s political and legal systems compare with others around the globe? And how and why do EU member states choose one particular set of decision-making processes over others? Related research examines the interaction between the different levels of government – supranational, national, and sub-national – with respect to the political, legal, and economic activity of the EU.

Trinity Researchers are also active in exploring issues of EU public policy – including trade policy, monetary policy, agricultural policy, regulatory politics, labour and migration policies, and foreign policy. Some IIIS research has studied how the processes of EU deepening and enlargement affect the national comparative advantages of existing and acceding EU member states.  Lastly, research within this field has explored cultural aspects of integration, including various understandings and interpretations of European values, morals and religion.



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