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IIIS Discussion Papers

The IIIS DP Series is an electronic-only discussion paper series. Papers in the series can be downloaded from the IIIS website in Acrobat PDF format. This is a ‘pre-publication’ series: it is expected that papers will subsequently be submitted for publication in an academic journal or other final destination. It is nonexclusive: you are free to also release a submitted paper in other outlets (e.g. a departmental series, an external series, or on your personal web page.) The IIIS DP series is also distributed via a number of internet-based libraries of electronic discussion papers. How to submit a paper?

Discussion Paper Series

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How to submit a paper?

Send the following to the administrator Colette Keleher

  • Your paper as a PDF file
  • Complete the following template and save as a text file (.txt)
    **Please ensure you have no spaces in the template as the paper will not display correctly**
  • Please advise if you would like your paper uploaded to RePEc (Research Papers in Economics)
  • A non-technical summary of 200-250 words which can be used on this site to provide an overview of the paper and its conclusions for a wider audience.

This should include the following:

  • Short (ideally one sentence) statement of paper's purpose
  • Short statement of approach followed in the research
  • Short statement of major findings
  • Statement of practical implications
  • Statement elaborating on what is original about the paper and/or why is it of value
  • For Research Students Only - Your supervisor must provide a recommendation for the publication"


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