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Trinity Immigration Initiative (TII)

Research Programme on Diversity, Integration and Policy

The Trinity Immigration Initiative (TII) brings together key strands of TCD’s strategies in research, teaching and contribution to society, positioning the university to play an influential role in developing a more inclusive, multicultural society for Ireland’s future.

One of the most important challenges faced by today’s Ireland is immigration.  Trinity College Dublin, Ireland’s international university, is located in the centre of a modern European capital that is experiencing extraordinary change. The university is in a unique position to help Ireland address the challenges and harness the opportunities of this epoch level change across Irish society. There is a narrow window of opportunity in which to plan for and maximise the benefits of the economic, social and cultural contribution of immigrants to Ireland’s society and economy, and to minimize the risks. Choices and decisions concerning immigration that are currently being made at institutional and community levels will have a major impact on Irish society for this and future generations.  Sound evidence of the actual and potential impact of immigration at every level is required now as a basis for achieving coherent policy and creating a cohesive society for the future.

To complement the Research Programme on Diversity, Integration and Policy, the TII runs a TII Seminar Series on immigration. As well, our visitor programme hosts key international speakers on immigration.

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