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Sara Bojarczuk

Personal Information

Personal webpage URL:

Discipline: Sociology

Supervisor: Dr Elaine Moriarty/ Dr Peter Muhlau

Nationality: Polish

Qualifications: Bsc (hons) Sociology, University of Bath (2012); MRes Social Policy, University of Bath (2013)

Funding grant(s) (if any): TCD Teaching Studentship

Date of registration: September 2013

Research topic : Exploring Experience of Polish Single Mothers in Ireland and the Role of Family and Social Networks in Organizing Transnational Livelihood Strategies

This research project aims to explore the experiences and livelihood strategies among Polish single mothers, who live in Ireland with their children. It will search for the factors that influence their experience, especially in relation to parenting, employment and care organisation.  It will explore how Polish single mothers are supported by their families across borders and how they structure their social networks in Ireland after migration while being single parents. The research design will incorporate a multi-method qualitative approach, including interviews, mapping of social networks and retrospective narrative construction as methods to provide in-depth understanding of participants' livelihoods. This project will also highlight the experiences of single parenthood among new communities in Ireland who despite being distinguished as significant sub-group, have not received adequate research consideration. The study will contribute to the fields of both migration and single parenthood research.  

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