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Michele Crepaz

Personal Information

Personal webpage URL:

Discipline: Political Science

Supervisor: Prof. Raj Chari

Nationality: Italian

Qualifications: Bachelor and Master Degree in Political Science, Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna. PhD Student in Political Science at Trinity College Dublin

Funding grant(s) (if any): IRC funded PhD

Date of registration: September 2013

Research topic : Regulatory Systems on Lobbying Activity: Identifying the Causes of the Introduction and the Robustness of Lobbying

Recent studies on lobbying regulations have been concerned about better understanding lobbying laws from a global comparative perspective. Differences in robustness of lobbying regulations are common among countries. The aim of this work is to answer two main questions: Why do political systems pursue regulation? - And - within political systems that have passed lobbying laws, why are some regulations more robust than others? This is a significant question not hitherto addressed and by doing so will help scholars better understand why states pursue transparency legislation and the dynamics related to accountability and transparency in the real world of politics.

Working Papers:
Corruption Scandals and Political Crises: The “Free Press” and Democracy in Italy
Prof. Paul Kenny, Australian National University
Michele Crepaz, Trinity College Dublin

The EU’s Initiatives to Regulate Lobbyists: Good or Bad Administration?
Prof. Raj Chari, Trinity College Dublin
Michele Crepaz, Trinity College Dublin

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