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Gabriel Fagan


Gabriel Fagan

Personal Information

Personal webpage URL:

Discipline: Economics

Supervisor: Professor Philip Lane

Nationality: Irish

Qualifications: BA (TCD, 1982), MA (UCD, 1984)

Funding grant(s) (if any):

Date of registration: September, 2011

Research topic : Macroeconomic adjustment to sudden stops: the role of the exchange rate regime and downward nominal rigidity

This research addresses, from both  theoretical and empirical viewpoints, the effects of sudden stop on macroeconomic aggregates. It examines how these effects vary depending on the monetary regime in force (floating, versus fixed exchange rate versus membership of a monetary union). In this regard, it focuses on how differences in the degree of downward nominal wage rigidity affect the adjustment process.


Fagan, G., J. Lothian and P. McNelis (2011), "Was the Gold Standard Really Destabilizing?", forthcoming Journal of Applied Econometrics.

Amisano, G. and G. Fagan, (2010), "A money-based early warning system of risks to price stability", in L. Papademos and J. Stark (eds.), Enhancing the Monetary Analysis. ECB, 2010: 241-251.

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Fagan, G and Henry, J (1999). "Long Run Money Demand in the EU: Evidence for Area-Wide Aggregates" in Lutkepohl, H and J. Wolters (eds.), Money demand in Europe. Studies in Empirical Economics. Heidelberg: Physica, 1999; 217-40

Fagan, G. (1998). "Implementation Problems of Monetary Policy Strategy" in Wagner, H (ed.), Current issues in monetary economics. Contributions to Economics. Heidelberg: Physica, 1998; pp 141-61

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Fagan, G. (1992). "Crowding Out Effects of Government Spending: A Comment", Economic and Social Review, 23, pp. 222-224.

Working Papers:

Amisano, G. and G. Fagan, (2010), "Money Growth and Inflation: A Regime-Switching Approach", ECB Working Paper No. 1207
Fagan, G and V. Gaspar (2008), "Macroeconomic Adjustment to Monetary Union", ECB Working Paper No. 946.

Fagan, G and V. Gaspar (2007), "Adjustment to the Euro", ECB Working Paper No. 716.

Fagan, G, Henry, J and R. Mestre (2001). "An Area Wide Model (AWM) for the Euro Area", European Central Bank Working Paper, No. 42.

Browne, F., Fagan G. and J. Henry (1997), "Money Demand in EU Countries: A Survey", European Monetary Institute Working Paper, No. 7.

Escriva, J-L and G. Fagan (1996), "Empirical Assessment  of Monetary Policy Instruments and Procedures (MPIP) in EU Countries", European Monetary  Institute Working Paper, No. 2.

Fagan, G. and J. Fell (1994) "Techniques for Forecasting the Irish Business Cycle" Technical Paper 2/RT/94 Central Bank of Ireland.

Browne, F. and G. Fagan (1992), "Testing for a Speculative Bubble in Irish Land Prices", Technical Paper 4/RT/92 Central Bank of Ireland.

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