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Catherine Lynch

Personal Information

Personal webpage URL:

Discipline: Religion & Theology

Nationality: Irish

Qualifications: BA (Hons)

Funding grant(s) (if any):Trinity Studentship Award

Date of registration: 01 September 2013

Research topic : “Subsidiarity: A Resource for Modelling Sustainability”

Subsidiarity, a central constitutional principle of the European Union, has its origins in and is expressed in Catholic social teaching. As understood in Catholic social teaching the principle recognises individual freedom, defends participation in society and stipulates that the many forms of social association across society should enhance individual and social flourishing. It therefore offers a valuable resource for modelling sustainability, which presents opportunities for integrating individual local and regional expressions of human flourishing with the social good, at global and international level. It offers the possibility of reconciling the objectives of sustainable development with the plurality of forms of good practice and has the potential to engender collective action at regional, global and international level towards more sustainable practices.

This research will examine the principle in its antecedents in theology and philosophy and compare it with Amartya Sen's capability approach to human development and Paul Ricoeur's ethical vision, in order to assess its potential and its application to collaborative action.


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