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Carolin Huebner


Carolin Huebner

Personal Information

Personal webpage URL:

Discipline: Political Science

Supervisor: Dr. William Phelan

Nationality: German

Qualifications: B.A. in European Studies (University of Maastricht), M.Sc. in European Politics and Law (University of Glasgow)

Funding grant(s) (if any):Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship (IRCHSS), 2012-2015

Date of registration: September 2011

Research topic : Explaining variation in legal mobilisation in Europe

The impact of judicial decision and strategic mobilisation of the law towards political ends increasingly draws the attention of political scientists. However, while US scholarship on this issue is extensive, European scholarship hitherto lacks a synthetic framework explaining the causal mechanisms of legal mobilisation. This study aims at contributing to the literature by adopting a mixed-method approach to explaining variation in cross-country and cross-sector legal mobilisation/litigation in Europe. It is particularly concerned with improving the reliability and replicability of studies on legal mobilisation/litigation.

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