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Barret Fabris

Personal Information

Personal webpage URL:

Discipline: Peace Education (‘International Peace Studies’, Irish School of Ecumenics)

Supervisor: Dr. Iain Atack

Nationality: USA

Qualifications: BA (History) (Loyola University Maryland, 2004), MS (Global & International Education/Peace Education) (Drexel University)

Funding grant(s) (if any):

Date of registration:April 2013

Research topic : Peace Education through Videoconference: A Critical Analysis of the effectiveness of cross-cultural dialogue through videoconference for high school students in conflict and non-conflict areas.

Studies suggest that humans crave a “compulsion for proximity”, or a need to engage in direct contact. Based on that argument, direct face-to-face contact could present the best means for enabling understanding and reconciliation in both conflict and non-conflict areas. Yet, how does a peace education program overcome geographical, political, and economic obstacles that limit individuals from engaging with their cross-cultural peers? The aim of this research is to determine whether high school peace education programs which currently use videoconference as a means of dialogue to facilitate cooperation, empathy, and peace building could present a viable option for utilizing Paulo Freire’s concept of dialogue and community building.

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