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The IIIS brings together researchers from a wide range of academic departments in TCD. Academic staff members who conduct research in areas related to international integration studies are appointed as Research Associates.

A number of external researchers are also affiliated with the IIIS as Research Associates.

The IIIS provides accommodation for a number of Research Fellows who are appointed to research projects funded through the Institute and led by Research Associates. Doctoral research students whose dissertation area falls within the remit of the Institute’s research themes are associated as IIIS Research Student Associates.

The research capacity of the IIIS is further augmented through its visitor programme, which allows leading international experts to carry out research at the IIIS.

The IIIS is led by the Acting Director Professor James Wickham and is managed by Colette Keleher. Professor Wickham currently researches the relationship between employment and different forms of mobility, ranging from migration to business air travel.  His current project ‘Learning from Poland’ (funded by the Irish Research Council) compares Irish graduate emigration to that from Poland in the last decade.  Separately he is working on the impact of the European  financial crisis, especially personal debt, on people’s ability to travel for work and pleasure.
Enquiries about Institute activities, events, publications or programmes should be made to Colette Keleher in the first instance.


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