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We are delighted that you will be a member of the IIIS community during this academic year. The purpose of the IIIS is to facilitate your research and to create a helpful research environment. For this purpose, please find below the IIIS Code of Conduct, which is designed to provide all ccupants of the IIIS research space with guidelines on the practical day to day life of the Institute.

IIIS Open-Plan office space

  • The IIIS is a large communal space and so we ask that each occupant ensures that the space is kept clean and tidy. It is important that we take collective responsibility for the security and general upkeep of the IIIS as a the area around the photocopier. Please dispose of the packaging of the printer paper. Flatten the box and place in the kitchen.
  • IIIS policy dictates that the right of individuals to privacy at each work-station is fully respected. Materials on student or staff's desk are not to be interfered with or inspected by others.
  • Please note the signs on the main floor all refer to the need to respect the IIIS as a study environment. When using the photocopier located in the admin area, please ensure your copy job takes place with the minimum disturbance to the researcher occupying the nearby deskspace.
  • If there are work matters that need to be discussed with IIIS colleagues please use the canteen area or request the IIIS seminar room or the use an office space if it is available.
  • The IIIS insists on a tidy desk policy and that the floor space in offices and around workstations is kept clear of books and other materials.
  • At any time you may be asked to move to an alternative desk or move from an office to a desk on the main floor. The IIIS reserves the right to request that your Supervisor/Manager find an alternative location if you are unable to adhere to the IIIS Code of Conduct
  • Students and Staff are offered desk/office deskspace at the start of each academic year for that year only.
  • You must inform the IIIS Manager and IIIS Director if you are planning to be away for 4 weeks or more. The desk you are using will be returned to the IIIS during this period.

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Computers/IT/IIIS Server/Software

  • The IIIS has licences for a number of software packages (Eviews, Rats, Stata etc). To access the IIIS software, email the IIIS Manager and ask her to activate access to the applications folder. The software can be accessed with the Windows Explorer aka File Explorer under: (enter in address bar): \\winsan\economics
  • In addition, students may also have access to additional software licences purchased by their Departments. For example, Economics students should consult the blog for details of Economics Department licences.
  • If you wish to use an operating system other than MS Windows e.g. Linux, your supervisor must send a written explanation to the IIIS Director outlining why you are requesting to use this operating system. You cannot upload this system until you have been granted permission by the IIIS Director.
  • Prior to vacating the desk space, occupants must ensure the hard drive is cleared of any additional files.
  • While IIIS staff will endeavour to assist with any technical difficulties, in the vast majority of cases IS services are the best people to contact, particularly with regard to issues concerning the network, Outlook, Macs, Linux, access to the Internet and printing Contact by e-mail or phone, ext 2000.

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Security & Access

  • Only those who have been allocated desk space in the IIIS have swipe access to the Institute and have permission to be in the Institute.
  • Let us remember that students have data and work in progress as well as valuables on their desks. IIIS occupants are required to employ some discretion when responding to an individual without swipe access who is requesting entry to the IIIS. Please contact IIIS staff if appropriate.
  • The swipe access doors at either end of the IIIS space must not be propped open unless specifically required for the purposes of approved delivery or removal of IIIS property.
  • IIIS occupants should be aware that access to the IIIS from the Arts Building lift is through the Classics Dept corridor. The Classics Department has requested that IIIS residents respect the quiet required for the reading areas on either side of this corridor.

Office Hours

  • Researchers have 24hr swipe access to the IIIS. When the Arts Building is closed please ensure to sign-in in the book provided by the Security staff on the ground floor

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Fire Safety

What to do if you discover a fire
Raise the alarm at the nearest break glass unit (BGU) / alarm call point

  1. Leave your building immediately using the nearest exit route, closing doors behind you.
  2. Notify Security from a mobile 01-8961999, informing them that the alarm has been raised and in which area
  3. Report to your designated Assembly Point - Outside the Arts Building in front of the Book of Kells.

     Do not fight fire unless safe to do so and you are trained in the use of fire extinguishers.
     Do not fight fire unless alarm is raised first.
What to do if the fire alarm sounds

  1. Leave the IIIS immediately - There are two exits marked with the cleary signed exit sign above the door. One is the door that is commonly refered to as the main entrance to the IIIS. The second exit is located at the back of the Institute to the left of office room C6.005. Please user whichever exit is closer and safer. Please take the stairs to the ground floor and follow signs to exit building..
  2. Close doors behind you as you leave
  3. Move away from the building
  4. Report to your designated Assembly Point. Green area in front of Book of Kells
  5. Do not re-enter building for any reason until authorised to do so and fire alarm is switched off

Do not take any personal risks.
If safe to do so, switch off equipment / make your area safe
Do not use lifts.
Keep exit routes clear at all times
Keep your area clean, tidy and clutter free. Remove rubbish regularly

Check and familiarise yourself with the nearest exit(s) from your building, break glass units and the location of your Assembly Point.
Note: on assessment of the incident, those assembled may need to be moved to an alternative Assembly Point location.



  • If you need to make internal calls or make an external call eg the printer/photocopier is not working, please use the staff desk on the left as you enter the Institue.
  • You must turn your mobile phone to silent or vibration mode to avoid disturbing other occupants. Telephone conversations on mobile phones should be taken in the IIIS canteen or outside the IIIS open area.

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Printing and Scanning

  • All printers are to be used for research purposes only and not for teaching materials external to the IIIS. If you need to organise teaching materials please utilise the facilities within your own department.
  • IIIS policy is to print double-sided. For draft materials, please also consider printing two pages of text per page.
  • Set up Printing and Scanning Facilities on my computer?
    Please download instructions Set Up Scanner
    Please download instructions Set Up Printer
    If there are issues with the operating system on your PC or Mac please liase with Kopikat and IS Services.
  • If there is a problem with the printer/photocopier please ensure to follow the prompts to clear the issue. If the problem persisits contact Kopikat 01 278 22 22. request for a technician to call out to the IIIS, 6th floor Arts Building, Trinity.
  • If the printer is out of toner and there are no spare drums please follow the same procedure. Contact Kopikat 01 278 22 22. request for a technician to call out to the IIIS, 6th floor Arts Building, Trinity.

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  • IIIS Staff and occupants are expected to take responsibility for their own mail and postal correspondence.
  • The mail ‘in’ tray is situated on the countertop to the left of the printer. Please ensure you check the ‘in’ tray for all incoming mail. Please deliver your college ‘out’ mail to the mailbox beside the security desk at the entrance to the Arts Building. For personal mail there is an An Post letter box on the ground floor of the Arts Building. Stamps can also be purchased at this point.

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Protocol for presence of Undergraduate Students in IIIS

  • The IIIS space is for research only. If you are holding office hours for your students, please ensure you do so outside of the IIIS. Please arrange space provision with your department.
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Attendance at IIIS Seminars

  • All IIIS residents are requested to attend IIIS seminar series which are run over the academic year. Full list of IIIS Seminars and Events.

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The kitchen and canteen area is a great resource. We encourage the use of this area for PhD students to meet and discuss their research as well as their breakout space. We ask that those who have access to office space respect the kitchen area for this purpose.
We request that only those who been allocated desk space in the Institute have access to the kitchen area and we ask that you do not host colleagues from your department and those PhD students acting as tutors do not host 'tutor' meetings with colleagues that are not based in the IIIS. If you wish to request a meeting place please contact your home department or Colette Keleher for the use of a meeting room.

For those who have an office please refrain from using the kitchen for meetings.

  • Please wash, dry and put away any delph/cutlery after each use.Please do not leave any delph in or around sink area for your colleagues to clean.
  • Clear & clean surfaces immediately after use (cleaning products stored under the sink).
  • Label food in fridge/cupboard.
  • Put teabags in the bin - not in the sink
  • Anything that has expired or smells must be binned!

For those PhD students and postdoctoral reasearchers that are usng the kitchen on a regular basis please ensure that they remove expired food and debris.

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Office Supplies

  • IIIS occupants must print double-sided and consider printing two pages of text per page for draft materials.
  • IIIS staff maintain printer and photocopier paper supply.
  • IIIS staff should be notified of any large-scale print jobs. .

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  • The IIIS complies with all College recycling guidelines. IIIS occupants are encouraged to use recycling trays and bins as provided.
  • Please refrain from bulk disposal as College Housekeeping is not equipped to deal with the removal of large items of rubbish. We will provide bags for this purpose and ask that you place all debris in the bins provided at the back of the Arts Building.

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Health & Safety

  • A first aid kit is available for use from the IIIS Kitchen area
  • Safety latches on Balcony Doors must not be released under any circumstances

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IIIS residents are expected to respect and adhere to this code of conduct in order to ensure that everyone can benefit from the IIIS workspace and continue their research efficiently.
IIIS staff.

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