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The IIIS PhD Student Seminar a weekly one-hour meeting (Mondays 15.00-16.00) open to all PhD-students interested in quantitative social science to discuss early stage research ideas no-pressure / no-faculty members atmosphere. Presentations can range from 15-30 minutes depending on the stage of the project, followed by a 5 minute feedback from a discussant and 15 minutes general discussion. If you are interested in presenting, please send an email to Christian Danne

IIIS Student Seminar 2011 - 2012

Date Speaker Title Discussant Venue
24 Oct 2011 Christian Danne Fiscal news (in bad times) Clemens Struck IIIS Seminar Room
31 Oct 2011 BANK HOLIDAY IIIS Seminar Room
14 Nov 2011 Pamela Murphy Determining if Dietary habits & Lifestyle Choices are Related to Adherence to the Food Pyramid Christian Danne IIIS Seminar Room
21 Nov 2011 Clemens Struck On the direction of capital flows Benjamin Elsner IIIS Seminar Room
28 Nov 2011 Benjamin Elsner Migrant Networks and the Spread of Misinformation Clemens Struck IIIS Seminar Room
05 Dec 2011 Martin Ryan (UCD) The Effect of Term-Time Employment on College Grades During A Recession Julia Anna Matz IIIS Seminar Room
12 Dec 2011 Robert Ryan Bank Competition and SME Financing Constraints Christian Danne IIIS Seminar Room
16 Jan 2012       IIIS Seminar Room
23 Jan 2012 Karol Borowieki The Role of Cultural Capital in the History of Italy   IIIS Seminar Room
30 Jan 2012 Julia-Anna Matz Ethnicity, Marriage, and the Risk of Poverty Christian Danne IIIS Seminar Room
20 Feb 2012 Tine Jeppesen (Stockholm Uni) FDI, Judicial Quality and Backward Linkages: Firm-level Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe   IIIS Seminar Room
12 Mar 2012 Martha O'Hagan An investigation into the Benefits of indirect International Portfolio Diversification in the US   IIIS Seminar Room
19 Mar 2012 Bank Holiday     IIIS Seminar Room
26 Mar 2012 Shqipe Mjekiqi Do electoral systems affect MPs' behaviour in newly democraticised countries: are MPs more responsive to parties or voters?   IIIS Seminar Room

Seminar Organisers

Christian Danne
Benjamin Elsner
Henrik Hermansson
Shqipe Mjekiqi

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