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Does Individualization help productivity of transition agriculture?

Marian Rizov


There are large differences across transition countries with respect to agricultural-sector performance and corresponding scope of farm restructuring and shift to individual farming. In this paper we analyze the impact of individualization on productivity growth within an augmented neo-classical growth model framework. This approach allows us to circumvent criticisms on the grounds of lack of theoretical and objective criteria for inclusion of explanatory variables. Furthermore, in the empirical analysis using a panel data covering 15 transition countries over the period 1990-2001 and applying a GMM-IV estimator we are able to control for the impact of various factors and the potential endogeneity of variables.

Our estimation results are robust and support the view that the shift to individual farming, as well as the overall economic reforms, have positively contributed to the productivity growth in agriculture during the first decade of transition.

Key words: agriculture, individual farming, productivity, economic transition, international


JEL classification: D20, L23, Q1

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