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A 2005 Agriculture-Food SAM (AgriFood-SAM) for Ireland

Ana Corina Miller, Alan Matthews, Trevor Donnellan, Cathal O'Donoghue

IIIS Discussion Paper No. 372

This paper describes the construction of a social accounting matrix with disaggregated agricultural and food industry sectors for Ireland for the purpose of agri-food policy simulations. The base year for the AgriFood-SAM is 2005 and it draws on a recently constructed 2005 SAM for Ireland (Miller et al., 2011). Its unique features include a high level of disaggregation of the agricultural and food industry sectors as well as the integration of individual household data for the purposes of micro-simulation analysis. The AgriFood-SAM documented here can be used as a tool to analyse the intersectoral linkages between the agri-food sectors and the Irish economy. Multiplier effects for exogenous changes in final demand for different agri-food activities are presented. Finally, the economy-wide effects of a simulation of a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector are calculated using these multiplier values.

Keywords: social accounting matrix, input-output table, agriculture, multiplier analysis, Ireland
JEL Classification: C67, D57, Q12, Q18



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