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Ownership and Export Characteristics of Irish Manufacturing Performance

Frances Ruane and Julie Sutherland


Recent research has sought to explore whether exporting enterprises have superior performance characteristics relative to non-exporters, and whether such superiority is associated with performance pre- and/or post- exporting. This paper extends existing research to take account of enterprise ownership and export market destination. It explores these issues using micro data on Irish manufacturing between 1991 and 1998, a period during which Ireland experienced rapid export-driven growth. The study provides further evidence of the superior characteristics of domestic exporters relative to non-exporters and supports the self-selection hypothesis that superior enterprises are more likely to export. However, no evidence is found for learning-by-exporting effects in domestic enterprises. We find export destination matters: the performance characteristics of domestic enterprises that export globally differ from those that export locally.

Keywords :Trade, Export Premium, Export Destination, Foreign Ownership.

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