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Inclusive or Exclusive Globalization? Zambia’s Economy and Asian Investment

Pádraig Carmody, Trinity College Dublin And Godfrey Hampwaye, University of Zambia
Corresponding author: Pádraig Carmody, Department of Geography, Museum Building, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland ( The support of the National Geographic/Waitt Grant Program in funding this research is gratefully acknowledged, as is the research assistance of Nasilele Amatende and Robinson Mambwe. Thanks to Sarah Smiley and Francis Oti for their insightful comments.


Sub-Saharan Africa's economy grew rapidly from 2004 to 2008, largely driven by Asian investment and trade. While much investment has been in primary commodities, Asian-owned manufacturing and other businesses in Africa, despite growing rapidly, have received very little attention. Using survey research, and other primary and secondary data this paper investigates the nature and impacts of Asian businesses in Zambia to interrogate whether their developmental impacts are inclusive or exclusionary. It then moves to assess the likely impact of the current global slowdown and how this will impact on Sino-Zambian economic relations.


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