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Export Platform FDI and Dualistic Development

Ali Ugur, Frances Ruane


There is increasing growth in export platform foreign direct investment (EPFDI), reflecting both the international fragmentation of production associated with globalisation and the adoption of policies to promote this type of investment as part of economies' “export led growth” strategies. This paper examines what happens over the long-term as multinational enterprises and local enterprises operate side by side. To examine this issue, we use data on two of the world's most active and persistent promoters of EPFDI, namely, Singapore and the Republic of Ireland. Our analysis shows that multinational enterprises are more sectorally concentrated than local enterprises in Singapore but not in Ireland, and that where they operate in the same sectors, they have similar export intensity patterns. Labour productivity and wage data indicate that there is evidence of stronger and more persistent dualism in the Irish than in the Singaporean case. Keywords: Export platform, FDI, Ireland, Singapore

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