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Trade Flows of Agricultural Products with Ireland and the EU : An Analysis for Six African Countries

Hannah Chaplin

  • IIIS Discussion Paper No. 156 This paper documents the nature and importance of agricultural trade
    flows between the six Irish Aid programme countries in Sub-Saharan Africa andIreland and the EU-15 over the period 1995-2003. The six countries are: Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique and Lesotho. Agricultural exports from these countries are highly specialised, with coffee, tea and fish and fish products dominating. There is some evidence that improved market access to the EU under the Everything But Arms initiative has led to increased exports, particularly of sugar. The pattern of Ireland’s agricultural trade with the six countries differs in significant ways from the EU-15 as a whole. The agricultural trade balance was positive from the perspective of the Irish Aid programme countries, but the balance was declining over time. Keywords. Agricultural trade, developing countries.
    JEL classification. Q17

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