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Some updates to the database have been made under population, finance, labour, misc.


After our succesful annual conference, copies of certain papers have been made available to HNAG members in the vault area of the site. Please e-mail Jason Begley if you require a password. In the following weeks further material from the conference will be made available online in the HNAG database.


New paper entitled, "Examining Ireland's Post-Famine Economic Growth Performance" by Frank Geary and Tom Stark, now available in the HNAG Papers section of the site.

About HNAG

Welcome to the HNAG homepage. The Historical National Accounting Group or HNAG has been in operation since 1994, with a view to furthering the field of research into Irish historical national accounts. Most countries of western Europe, except Ireland, have developed a complete set of historical national accounts - even though in many of these countries the underlying data are no better than in Ireland, at least from the 1840s onwards. This gap hampers indigenous research on Irish economic history, and also results in the neglect of Ireland in most comparative international studies of historical economic development.

In order to advance the work on Irish historical national accounts, a meeting was convened at the ESRI on 29 June 1994 with a number of interested economic historians in Ireland, North and South. There was unanimous agreement among the participants to meet from time to time, and at least once a year, as an informal Historical National Accounts Group (HNAG) to encourage work in this area. It was also agreed to strengthen representation in the group.

At the succeeding meeting of HNAG in the ESRI on 27 January 1995 three papers were presented to the group, a report on which can be found by clicking on the following link.

HNAG Report HNAG Report

Revised versions of these papers were subsequently included in the ESRI Working Paper Series, and it is the objective of the group that copies of all papers will be available for viewing by clicking on the 'HNAG Papers' link in the near future. It is also hoped that the 'HNAG Database of Irish Historical Statistics' will be an electronic repository for statistics and data series relating to Irish National Accounts. Currently, some of these papers are available for perusal on the 'HNAG Papers' page. This page will be updated as the papers become available in an electronic format.

HNAG Report HNAG vault

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Database of Irish Historical Statistics

Please click the link supplied below to access the HNAG Database of Irish Historical Statistics.

HNAG Database

HNAG Database of Irish Historical Statistics

Repository of papers presented at HNAGannual meetings

Please click the link supplied below to access the HNAG papers.

HNAG Papers

HNAG Papers