egap - experiments in governance and politics

3rd meeting

may 7-8, 2010

trinity college, dublin

institute for international integration studies


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DAY 1, Friday 7th May


9.30-10.15 Welcome and current research from members


10.30-11.30 Susan Hyde (Yale)

Election Fraud Deterrence, Displacement, or Both? Evidence from a Multi-Level Field Experiment in Nicaragua (distributed by email)


11.45-12.45 Arianna Legovini (World Bank)

The Development Impact Evaluation Initiative (DIME) of the World Bank (link)


1.00-2.30 LUNCH

1592 Room in Trinity (link)


2.30-3.30 Eric Coleman (FSU)

Reconstructing Cooperation from Civil Conflict: Experimental Evidence from Colombian Development Policy (link)


3.45-4.45 Ghazala Mansuri (World Bank)

Together We Will: Evidence from a Field Experiment on Female Voter Turnout in Pakistan (link)


5.00-6.00 BUSINESS MEETING (including Standards Committee Report)



The Pig's Ear (link)


DAY 2, Saturday 8th May


10-12.15 DIME Roundtable

10.00-10.45 Peace-keeping and Peace-building (Chairs: Michael Gilligan and Eric Mvukiyehe)

10.45-11.30 Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR), and Community Development and Reconstruction (CDR) (Chairs: Patrick Barron and Cyrus Samii)

11.30-12.15 Economic Recovery and Livelihoods (Chairs: Erwin Bulte and Philip Verwimp)


12.30-2.00 LUNCH (including discussion on the standards report)

The Farm (link)


2.00-3.00 Oliver James (Exeter)

The Effects of Information Provision and Discussion about Public Services on Citizens' Attitudes and Behaviour: An On-Line Field Experiment for Local Waste Recycling Services (joint with Alice Moseley) (distributed by email)


3.30 Social Event

Hiking at Killiney Hill (link)



Johnnie Fox's, the highest pub in Ireland (link)