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Taking A Year Out


General Information

Blog 'Alternative Paths After Graduation' - blog by Chelsea Weaver, M.Ed Intern
Image for book link Books / Directories such as The Global Resume and CV Guide.
Image for book link Teaching English Abroad a key resource for training and finding jobs.
TEFL Resources
Image for book link Work and Travel Europe (gap-pack) The Europe Gap Pack has been created especially for independent travellers who want to find seasonal work whilst travelling.
Image for book link Working for a Better World - a guide to volunteering in global development
Image for Internet link Going Global ( and employment resources include world-wide job openings, internship listings, industrial profiles and country-specific career information. For Trinity students and graduates only.
Image for Internet link ( for jobs, careers information and advice for students and graduates intending to live and work in China.
Image for Internet link ( for jobs, careers information and advice for students and graduates intending to live and work in Malaysia and Singapore.
Image for Internet link ( Provides insights into studying and living abroad
Image for Internet link ( is the graduate careers web portal in Germany.
Image for Internet link Targetcarrieres ( The graduate careers web-portal in France.
Image for Internet link The Year Out Group ( promotes the concept and benefits of well structured year out programmes. Lists organisations targeting students taking a year out before college.
Image for Internet link USIT ( Provides information on working and living in different countries.


Graduate / Exchange Programmes

Image for Internet link Canada Visa ( offering 12 months living and working in Canada. You will know where you are working, when, how much you will earn and what your job will be before you leave Ireland.
Image for Internet link JET Programme ( Japan Exchange & Teaching Programme.
Image for Internet link Professional Career Training/Internship USA ( offering an 18 month visa to graduates.
Image for Internet link Working Holiday Maker Australia ( is available to Irish students/graduates for a fee. Further information is also available at the USIT website. There is a similar scheme for New Zealand -


Volunteering and Other Year Out Possibilities

Image for Internet link Activelink ( online network for Irish community and non-profit organisation, it provides information on jobs, tenders, volunteering, events, fundraising, training, publications and funding in these sectors.
Image for Internet link Action without Borders ( has a database of international volunteer opportunities as well as links to other organisations promoting global volunteering.
Image for Internet link Citizens Information Board ( the national support agency responsible for providing information, advice and advocacy to the public on social services has a database of national voluntary organisations including those involved in providing services as well as those involved in campaigning.
Image for Internet link Comhlamh ( Information and advice for making a decision about volunteering overseas for global development. Search the Volunteering Options database for volunteering opportunities.
Image for Internet link Community Service Volunteers ( is a UK charity with a range of volunteering opportunities in areas such as the media and the environment.
Image for Internet link Dublin Simon Community ( need volunteers to work with them in Ireland from time to time.
Image for Internet link European Voluntary Service ( offers young people the opportunity to volunteer for up to one year internationally on projects run by approved organisations, known as hosting organisations. The volunteer's application is usually also supported by an approved organisation (sending organisation) in their own country.
Image for Internet link Frontier ( is dedicated to safeguarding biodiversity and ecosystem integrity through rigourous 'hands on' fieldwork.
Image for Internet link Irish Refugee Council ( need volunteers to work with them in Ireland from time to time.
Image for Internet link ISPCA ( need volunteers to work with them in Ireland from time to time.
Image for Internet link Oneworld ( Co-ordinates many NGO job offers (Oxfam, Christian Aid, Caritas etc).
Image for Internet link OutReach Moldova ( has also been started by a Trinity graduate and works with 300 disabled orphaned children in the Republic of Moldova.
Image for Internet link Raleigh International ( is a youth development charity offering challenging environmental and community projects.
Image for Internet link Suas Educational Development ( is an initiative which was started by Trinity graduates to support education in the developing world.
Image for Internet link Timebank ( is a national volunteering campaign in the UK, which raises awareness of giving time through voluntary work.
Image for Internet link International Arts & Artists ( - Internship in the USA - places international and United States students and post-graduates with arts and culture-related organisations to complete on-the-job training and internship placements in the United States. They now inlcude cultural management, architecture, media, communication, finance, marketing and visual and performing arts..
Image for Internet link SummerJobs ( For links to vacation jobs in North America and some European countries.
Image for Internet link Volunteer Ireland ( The national organisation with responsibility for developing volunteering in Ireland. There is a database of local volunteer centres and of opportunities to volunteer.
Image for Internet link Volunteers for Peace ( A US based organisation. Contains links to other voluntary organisations world-wide including Ireland.
Image for Internet link Voluntary Service International ( is the irish section of a worldwide movement to promote peace, social justice, sustainable development and interculture understanding.
Image for Internet link Voluntary Services Overseas ( is an international development charity that works through volunteers who work with local organisations in over 30 countries worldwide.