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Trinity College Dublin

Association of High Education Careers Services in Ireland (AHECS)

Careers Provision for Doctoral Students: A Survey of Good Practice in National and International Institutions, AHECS Report 2015/16


In 2015-2016 the AHECS Postgraduate Working Group conducted two surveys to explore career provision for doctoral research students, within Ireland (North and South), UK (mainland) and international higher education institutions. The objective of this research was threefold:

  1. to explore good practice in Ireland and internationally, and apply learning to future practice
  2. to share good practice among AHECS members in relation to career provision for doctoral research students
  3. to explore the option of engaging in collaborative activities on a national and international basis.

In total, 46 respondents across Ireland, UK (mainland), rest of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand took part in the surveys. Each institution responded to questions relating to career supports for doctoral research students, types of programmes delivered, delivery and impact measurement methods, as well as details of specific career workshops, events and courses for doctoral research students. Full details of the research findings can be found in ‘Careers Provision for Doctoral Students: A Survey of National and International Institutions. Study 1: Survey of Good Practice in Ireland; Study 2: A Global Study of Good Practice’.


  • Careers Provision for Doctoral Students - A survey of National and International Institutions