Image for Internet link Gradireland (www.gradireland.com) Ireland's graduate website has a section on Psychometric Tests; these are an excellent way to practice ability and aptitude tests similar to those used by employers. You can complete the tests as many times as you wish: your most recent result will always be shown. Registration is free and has additional benefits e.g. you can be sent relevant jobs and event alerts by email.
Image for Internet link "Profiling for Success " Online Personality & Ability Assessments Accessible by TCD students and staff with Trinity username and password. Graduates must come to the Careers Service, 7-9 South Leinster St for access. Tests include: Learning Styles Indicator questionnaire, Type Dynamics Indicator (TDI) Personality Type Questionnaire, Values based Indicator of Motivation, Numerical Reasoning Skills Test, Verbal Reasoning Skills Test, and Abstract Reasoning Skills Test. See "Charges for Services to Graduates".
Image for Internet link Prospects (www.prospects.ac.uk/interview_tips_psychometric_tests.htm) allows you to test yourself using a range of online tests and self-assessment exercises.
Image for Internet link BAT (Bloomberg Assessment Test) (www.bloomberginstitute.com/students). This is a 3 hour assessment which measures aptitude for a career in finance. It is open to students from all disciplines. A number of Irish employers (e.g. major banks, hedge funds, asset management companies etc) are registered with Bloomberg and are using a talent search function to target and interview those who do well in the test. Students can take the test free-of-charge as many times as they like in order to improve their score. The test takes place on campus in a computer lab and is invigilated.
Image for Internet link Cubiks (practicetests.cubiks.com) HR Consultancy with verbal and numerical practice tests.
Image for Internet link Diagonal Thinking (www.diagonalthinking.co.uk/) Assess your suitability for a career in advertising and communication industries. this online self-assessment tool measures two components: linear (or rational) thinking, and lateral (or creative) thinking.
Image for Internet link Graduate Australian Medical School Admission Test - GAMSAT (www.gamsat-ie.org) For online testing and preparation courses.
Image for Internet link Graduates First (www.graduatesfirst.com) Over 20 Numerical, Verbal and Logical reasoning tests designed by ex-SHL consultants. Answers to tests with fully worked solutions. Personality questionnaire with free report, Interview question predictor tool and lots of assessment centre advice.
Image for Internet link www.jobtestprep.co.uk/ in partnership with Guardian Jobs free trials are available for personality; aptitude; assessment centres and interview preparation.
Image for Internet link SHL (www.shldirect.com/en/practice-tests/) publishers of tests used by employers has a 'Candidate Helpline' with tips and sample tests.
Image for Internet link targetjobs.co.uk (targetjobs.co.uk) Test yourself using a range of online tests and self-assessment exercises
Image for book link AGCSI / AGCAS Booklets
Image for book link How to Pass Verbal Reasoning Tests, Harry Tolley & Ken Thomas, Kogan Page
Image for book link How to Pass Numeracy Tests, Harry Tolley & Ken Thomas, Kogan Page
Image for book link How to Pass Selection Tests, M Bryon & S Modha, Kogan Page
Image for book link How to Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests, Heidi Smith, Kogan Page
Image for book link How to Pass Graduate Psychometric Tests, Mike Bryon, Kogan Page
Image for book link How to Pass Advanced Aptitude Tests, Jim Barrett, Kogan Page


Situational Judgement Tests

SJTs measure your behaviour and attitudes to work-related scenarios.

Image for Internet link www.assessmentday.co.uk/situational-judgement-test.htm
Image for Internet link www.psychometrictest.org.uk/sjt/
Image for Internet link www.jobtestprep.co.uk/practice_situational_judgement
Image for Internet link www.practiceaptitudetests.com/situational-judgement-tests/