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Translational Immunology Group

The Translational Immunology Group is led by Professor Padraic Fallon. The objective of the Fallon research team is to elucidate underlying mechanisms of aberrant immune function and develop novel therapeutic strategies for inflammatory diseases.  The main diseases addressed are allergic lung inflammation (asthma), skin inflammation (eczema) and inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease). Our research involves the translational spectrum from samples from patients to the use of animal models.

The Team

Prof Padraic Fallon.

Prof Fallon is Science Foundation Ireland Stokes Professor of Translational Immunology, School of Medicine, TCD.

Dr Emily Hams

SFI SIRG Investigator

Dr Achilleas Floudas

Irish Research Council Fellow

Dr Christian Schwartz

EMBO Fellow

Joanne Tilley

Laboratory Manager

Eric Rogers

Research Assistant

Tara Moran

PhD Student

Research is funded by

Funding Partners

Contact Us

Inflammation and Immunity Group,
Institute of Molecular Medicine,
Trinity Centre for Health Sciences,
St James’ Hospital,
Dublin 8,

Tel: +353 1 896 3297
Fax: +353 1 896 4040

Selected Publications (2012 to present)

Hams E, Bermingham R, Wurlod FA, Hogan AE, O’Shea D, Preston RJ, Rodewald HR, McKenzie AN, Fallon PG. (2016). The helminth T2 RNase ω1 promotes metabolic homeostasis in an IL-33 and group 2 innate lymphoid cell-dependent mechanism.  FASEB 30:824.

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Halim TY, Hwang YY, Scanlon ST, Zaghouani H, Garbi N, Fallon PG, McKenzie AN. (2016) Group 2 innate lymphoid cells license dendritic cells to potentiate memory TH2 cell responses. Nat Immunol. 2016 Jan;17(1):57-64
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