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TCD Translational Child Health Network

Genomics: Prof Louise Gallagher
Translational Cancer: Prof Maureen O’Sullivan
Translational Immunology: Prof Eleanor Molloy
Nanotechnology: Prof Adriele Prina-Melo/Prof Yuri Volkov .

Key deliverables:

Add integration with National Paediatric Hospital and promoting lifespan research maternity to old age on campus.

Current Research Activity

Translational Immunology

Prof Orla Shiels

  • miRNA and gene expression profiles associated with disease severity in viral bronchiolitis
  • Rapid and fully automated bacterial pathogen detection on a centrifugal-microfluidic LabDisk using highly sensitive nested PCR with integrated sample preparation.

Prof Joseph Keane

  • PhD project: Cillian O Maoldomhnaigh: Translational Immunology in Paediatric TB

Prof Mark Little

  •  NEBRaSKa project : Neonatal Biomarkers of Kidney disease

Dr. Patrick Walsh

  • NCRC project grant: Defining the significance of altered IL-36 family expression in paediatric ulcerative colitis. Post doctoral Fellow: Dr. Yasmina Hernandez Santana;
  • HRB-Health Research Award: Preclinical evaluation of a novel therapeutic strategy for paediatric ulcerative colitis. Postdoctoral Fellow: Dr. Eirini Giannoudaki
    Research Assistant: Alison O’Sullivan
  • In collaboration with Determinants and Outcomes of CHildren and  AdolescentS with IBD (DOCHAS study) led by Dr. Seamus Hussey, Gastroenterology, OLCHC

Prof Louise Gallagher

  • Leader of  the Autism Genetics and this group is actively involved in the investigation of genetic vulnerability factors contributing to autism. The group is part of a large international collaboration of autism researchers, the Autism Genome Project (AGP) and Prof. Gallagher is one of the Senior Investigators of this research program. She is the principal investigator of The Autism Simplex Collection (TASC), which is an international collaborative effort to establish a repository of autism trios in association with Autism Speaks, AGRE and the NIMH

Translational Cancer Research

Prof Maureen O’Sullivan

  • Pathogenesis of Clear Cell Sarcoma of Kidney – establishing the relative roles of BCOR and 14-3-3e-NUTM2. (NCRC funded)
  • The role of transcription Factors in sarcoma genesis with an emphasis on clear cell sarcoma of kidney and undifferentiated sarcoma (HRB Clinician Scientist Award)
  • Team Members on these projects: Naomi McDonagh, BSc; Colin Kenny PhD; Antonio Lazaro Cabeza PhD.

Prof Tom Ryan/ Prof Ross McManus /Dr. Ronan Leahy

  • Viral Bronchiolitis is Associated With Altered Cytokine Gene Expression and Lymphocyte Activation Status. Collaborators: Doherty DG, Grealy R, Carr MJ, Slattery D

Prof Derek Doherty

  • Dr. Nawal Taher: Co-PI E Molloy: TEmERaIRE: T-lymphocytes in neonatal Encephalopathy and pERsistent Inflammatory REsponses

Prof Eleanor Molloy

  • DISCO project: Down syndrome Inflammation and Systemic multiorgan outCOmes (2017-20). PhD student: Dr. Dean Huggard. PI: Eleanor Molloy. Collaborators: Registry: Edna O’Brien & Fiona Mc Grane; Neurodevelopment: Drs Denise Mc Donald, Dave Coghlan, Joanne Balfe; Cardiology: Dr. Orla Franklin; Haematology: Dr. Aenghus O’Marcaigh; Immunology: Dr. Ronan Leahy & Prof Derek Doherty. Funding NCHF
  • GENIE Project: GEnder and Neonatal Inflammation in prEterm outcomes (2017-20). PhD student: Dr. Matt McGovern; PI E Molloy; Collaborators: Prof Catherine Greene, Prof Veronica O’Keane, Prof Afif El-Khuffash, Prof Jameas wynne (UFL, USA), Prof Arun Bokde, Dr. Veronica Donoghue, Dr. John Kelleher, Prof Martin White, Prof Edna Roche, Dr. Denise McDonald, Prof Derek Doherty, Ms Tara Murphy-Delamare, Prof John Murphy, Dr. Mark Sherlock.
  • CHAMPION Study: Childhood Followup of Multiple organ dysfunction after Neonatal encephalopathy : (2014-7): PI E Molloy and D McDonald; PhD student Z.Zareen, Postdoc: V McEneaney; Collaborators: D Sweetman, B.Elnazir, D.Coughlan, S.Quinn, C.Mc Donnell, D.Webb, J.Murphy, C.McMahon, O.Franklin, O.Smith, B.Nolan, E.Crushell, V.Donoghue, M.Riordan, Funding: NCH foundation
  • PROSPER: PaediatRic Outcomes and Serum biomarker Panel in acutE traumatic bRain injury /concussion to severe traumatic brain injury (2017-20): Supervisors: by Prof Molloy and Dr. Turlough Bolger. Collaborators: Dr. Stan Koe, Dr. Ciara Martin, Dr. David Webb, Dr. John McHugh, Dr. Roisin McNamara, Dr. Ike Ofakor, Mr. John Caird & Mr. Darrach Crimmins, Dr Veronica O’Keane, Dr. Carol Blackburn, Dr. Michael  Barrett & Dr. Sean Walsh, Dr. Aisling Snow, Prof. Cathal Moran, Prof. Arun Bodke , Prof. Jim Meaney, Prof Louise Gallagher; PhD student: Dr. Emer Ryan: Institutions: CUH, Tallaght, OLCH, NMH, TCD. Funding NCHF
  • PReterm Infection and SysteMic inflammation and neonatal outcomes (PRISM) : (2014-7): PI: E Molloy; Dr. Dave Coghlan, Dr. Denise McDonald,  Dr. John Kelleher Dr. Suzanne Kelleher ,Dr. David Rea, Prof J Meaney, Dr. Arun Bodke, Prof John O’Leary, Prof. Jan Miletin , Dr. Jana Sembrova ; PhD student: Dr. Murwan Omer; Institutions: CWIUH, Tallaght hospital, TCD. Funding NCHF.
  • NEonatal brain Injury: Understanding systemic InfLAmmation &    immunomodulation (NEBULA study) (2013-7); PI E Molloy; Collaborators: Professor William Watson, Dr Amanda O’Neill, Dr. Veronica Donoghue, Drs. Eoghan Mooney & Paul Downey, Prof Geraldine Boylan, Prof Bryan Lynch, Dr. Eva Jiminez, Dr. Denise McDonald, Dr. Suzanne Kelleher and Dr. John Kelleher; PhD student: Dr. Saima Aslam: Institutions: NMH, UCD, TCD, RCSI, UCC. Funding NCHF
  • NIMBUS group: Neonatal Inflammation and Multiorgan dysfunction and Brain injUry reSearch group: (2016-9): PI: Eleanor  Molloy ; Prof Mary King; Dr. Breda Hayes; Dr. Adrienne Foran; Prof John O’Leary; Dr. Claudine Vavasseur; Prof. Afif El-Khuffash; Prof. Martin White: Prof. Rhona Mahony, Dr. Veronica Donoghue; Dr. Eoghan Mooney: Prof. Jan Miletin ; Prof Naomi McCallion; Prof. Jim Meaney; Dr. Deirdre Sweetman; Dr. Paul Downey; Dr. Orla Franklin; Dr. John McHugh; Dr. David Rea; Prof. John Murphy ;PhD student: Dr. Mary O’Dea; Postdoctoral researcher: Dr. Lynne Kelly; Insitutions: NMH, Rotunda, CWIUH, TCD, UCD, RCSI. Funding HRB.
  • UNICORN study: Underlying mechanisms in Neonatal Immune metaboliC dysregulatiOn and bRain Injury: (2016-9); PI: E Molloy; Collaborators: Prof Adrienne Foran; Dr. Annie Curtis; Dr. Deirdre Sweetman; Dr. Deirdre Murray; Dr. Ellen Crushell, Prof Ger Boylan; Prof Jim Meaney; Ms Mandy Daly, Prof Richard Porter; Prof Terrie Inder; Dr. Veronica Donoghue; PhD Student: Dr. Mary O’Dea; Institutions: CWIUH, NMH, Rotunda, TCD, RCSI, Boston Children’s hospital.