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Professor Aideen Long, Director

Translational medicine is the prevailing paradigm, stemming from evidence-based medicine with the integration of basic and clinical research to advance human health.

As an exclusively health sciences-focused educational and research institution, embedded within the acute hospital setting, TTMI is uniquely placed to develop and enhance translational research for the benefit of patients and to improve the health of the community. TTMI's thematic research priorities reflect the wide diversity of healthcare facilities and needs, locally and nationally.

At TTMI, we recognise that excellence in research is critical to our underpinning philosophy of the acquisition of knowledge to enhance human wellbeing and realise human benefit. The quality of our research in turn enhances our credibility in education and outreach.

TTMI's strategy of improving human health through translational research is predicated on clinical, laboratory- based and health service research informed by real world clinical bedside problems, and societal and global health challenges.

Our targeted research portfolio is designed to develop improved diagnostics, therapeutics and devices. Our patient centered research tackles important healthcare delivery issues; informs policy and clinical practice, disseminates impactful research, and enhances the quality of education of healthcare professionals.