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Trinity Biobank Facilities


The Biobank comprises a laboratory working space of 120M 2 centred in the Genomic Unit of the TTMI and an administrative office. Additional adjacent freezer rooms are located in The Trinity Translational Medicine Institute as well as in Trinity Biological Science Institute in Pearse St. Our processing laboratory in the Wellcome Trust-HRB Clinical Research Facility on the St James’s campus caters for work undertaken in that facility. ULT storage is remotely monitored (Xiltrix) for all three sites. Sample collections undertaken by the Biobank are identified and tracked by Procuro Sample Identification and Tracking System. An adjacent Primary Cell Culture and Cell Line Laboratory facilitates the preparation of viable biomaterial such as peripheral blood mononuclear cells for storage in liquid nitrogen.

Biomaterials are received and processed using universal precautions. Our methodological guidelines have been published (Molecular Medicine Ireland Guidelines for Standardized Biobanking. Guerin JS, Murray DW, McGrath MM, Martin A. Yuille MA, McPartlin JM and Doran PP(2010). Biopreservation & Biobanking 8, 3-63).

DNA Extraction

We offer automated high-throughput DNA extraction (Autopure Instrumentation, Qiagen) to a high degree of purification and quality from a wide variety of sources including blood, tissue, urine, and saliva. We house ancillary equipment for sample handling, quantitation and qualitative characterisation of nucleic acids.

The Trinity College Dublin - Irish Blood Transfusion Service DNA Collection

In conjunction with the Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) we make available purified DNA and associated GWAS data from 2000 healthy donors for research use.

We distribute this control DNA material to researchers at nominal charge for ethically approved research projects. The buffy coat collection has been made possible courtesy of the Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS).

The DNA collection consists of high quality human genomic DNA, prepared by Autopure (Qiagen). Each samples is from a single individual and each sample comes with the age and gender data of the donor. We endeavour to fulfill samples requests based on age and gender as best as possible.

The DNA comes available as a 100ng/uL solution in 100uL of TE Buffer (10ug amounts) in separate screw-cap ampoules. The ampoules are shipped frozen in 100-tube boxes (Sarstedt).

Whole Genome Data

This collection has also been genotyped using the Affymetrix Genome-Wide Human SNP Array 6.0, featuring 1.8 million genetic markers, including more than 906,600 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and more than 946,000 probes for the detection of copy number variation (CNV). Genotype data is supplied in PLINK binary PED files format. Access to the DNA samples and genotype data is strictly for specific, ethically approved research projects. Both DNA and/or data are available on application to the Biobank Review Board. Apply to Joseph McPartlin