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Challenge LBCAM to be Your scientific partner on biological analysis.

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Biological Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

LBCAM provides

  • a suite of advanced characterisation for advanced materials within biologically relevant matrices and environments.
  • a broad range of expertise, knowledge instrumentation and experimental protocols

physical and chemical properties

Physico-chemical characterisation of advanced materials using a set of imaging, invasive and non-invasive techniques and assays aimed at providing the physical and chemical properties of the advanced material investigated.

physical and chemical properties


Identification of lead candidate materials (nanosized and composite with larger dimension) through toxicity analysis in vitro (by means of high throughput and content screening).

Identification of lead candidates as advanced materials (nanosized and/or larger) by implementing various biomedical assays, methodologies and analytical techniques customized to match specific prospective applications of the investigated materials.

physical and chemical properties


Analysis of the advanced material’s interactions with the animal models.

LBCAM Laboratory

LBCAM Laboratory

LBCAM specialises in biological characterisation and complex data analysis by using a multitude of tools in order to provide the best service to our partner.

LBCAM has access to the most advanced tools for biomedical analysis in the Republic of Ireland and it is able to implement customized data analysis models using either validated or highly innovative sets of protocols, in accordance to the specific requirements.


Facilities for Advanced Materials dispersion and characterisation:

  • Equipped Chemical Laboratory (Sonic tip and bath, weigh scale, pH meter)

Particle sizing analysis with dedicated software:

  • Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (Nanosight, Malvern Instruments)  / Dynamic Light Scattering

High Throughput Screening with relative software:

  • BioTek Epoch™ (Absorbance multi-well plate reader)
  • BioTek FLx-800 (Fluorescence 96-well plate reader)
  • Flow Cytometry (BD Accurri™; BD FACSCanto™)


  • Epifluorescence Nikon TE 300 microscope equipped with high resolution and colour fluorescence cameras
  • Zeiss LSM 510 Confocal laser Scanning Microscope

High Content Screening with relative software:

  • GE Healthcare Cytell cell imaging system
  • GE Healthcare InCell1000 equipped with InCell Analyser software