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Fluorescent Labels

  • Please check with the facility for any labels not listed
  • Please consult the facility before ordering tandem-conjugates i.e. PE-CY5, PE-Tex.Red, PE-CY7, APC-CY7, PharRed, TriColour, PE-DY647, ECD.
  • Ask for advice on staining protocols
  • Optical configurations on CYAN & MoFlo can be changed to meet varying demands
Optical configuration of the CYAN: the MoFlo is similar
Optical configuration of the CYAN: the MoFlo is similar

The FacsCalibur

FL1: FITC, GFP, YFP, CFSE, Alexa488
FL2: PE, PI , 7AAD, Pyronin Y
FL3: PerCP, PE-CY5, PE-DY647, PI
FL4: APC, Alexa 647, DY647
You cannot run PE-TexRed


Same as FacsCalibur plus:
PE-Texas Red
PacBlue, Alexa 405, CFP, Hoechst, Dapi.

The MoFlo Cell Sorter

Same as CYAN but due to the higher laser power PerCP cannot be used on the Sorter because the fluorescence bleaches