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Category 3 Laboratory, Professor Joseph Keane

The Category 3 laboratory is a three-room suite state-of-the-art facility that allows work with infectious and dangerous pathogens such as virulent and multiple-drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Hepatitis C virus. Specifically this facility is fully equipped with tissue culture, mycobacterium or virus culture, cell biology equipment, Cat 3 autoclave equipment, and microscopy.

Oversight: The facility is continually monitored by the Trinity building’s department and regularly checked; according to an existing standard operating procedure and safety manual.

Users: Professor Joseph Keane, Dr Mary O’Sullivan, Dr Seonadh O’Leary, Dr Ronan O’Toole, Professor Thomas Rogers, Professor Aideen Long.

Strategic Relevance
The TTMI and the School of Medicine deliver translational research that addresses the research focus of Trinity College Dublin. This includes molecular medicine, immunology and global health. In this regard, work in this facility is a crucial aspect of our attempts to improve treatments, vaccines and tests for tuberculosis and hepatitis.

Through well-established connections to other investigators interested in immunology and infectious diseases this facility is seen as a strategic lynch pin in delivering translational research in this field.