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Bio Resources Unit, Dr Patrick Walsh

A self-contained BioResource unit is established and operational, located in the Trinity
Centre for Health Sciences at St. James Hospital Campus. This facility is run as a satellite
facility in close consultation with TCDs Central Bioresources unit based on the main campus.
Critically this facility allows PI’s affiliated with the IMM to engage in animal research on site
in a facility. The facility operates under IVC (Tecniplast) under positive pressure in SPF
conditions. The facility meets the highest regulatory standards from EPA and Irish Medicine
Board. At present the facility consists of two separate suites each with available housing
capacity for both inbred mouse strains and transgenic lines. Each suite contains cage space,
procedures station and laminar flow hood. Importantly, each suite also contains its own cage
washing facilities (cage cleaning station and cage washing machines). This allows each suite
to operate independently and in isolation as required. Infrastructure include IVIS system for
In vivo imaging for in immunology and cancer research.

The facility use by up to 30 researchers from 4 different groups. These include groups whose
research in areas of translational Immunology, Cancer Research and Haemostasis research
are strategically aligned with the research priorities of TTMI.