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Dr. Yvonne Lynch
Assistant Professor, Clin Speech & Language Studies


I am an Assistant Professor in Speech and Language Therapy in the Dept. of Clinical Speech and Language Studies. I hold a BSc. and PhD from Trinity College Dublin and an MBA from the Smurfit School of Business.

I am a CORU registered Speech and Language Therapist with 11 years clinical experience working with children and adults with physical and multiple disabilities. I also have 4 years Senior Management experience in the Health Service and 3 years experience as a post-doctoral Research Fellow on a major NIHR research grant.

My research and clinical interests include Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), telehealth, service delivery in speech and language therapy.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Murray, J., Lynch, Y., Meredith, S., Moulam, L., Goldbart, J., Smith, M., Randall, N. & Judge, S. , Professionals' decision-making in recommending communication aids in the UK: competing considerations, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 35, 2019, p1-13 Journal Article, 2019 URL DOI

Judge, Simon and Randall, Nicola and Goldbart, Juliet and Lynch, Yvonne and Moulam, Liz and Meredith, Stuart and Murray, Janice, The language and communication attributes of graphic symbol communication aids - a systematic review and narrative synthesis, Disability and rehabilitation. Assistive technology, 2019, p1â€"11 Journal Article, 2019 DOI

Lynch, Y., Murray, J., Moulam, L., Meredith, S., Goldbart, J., Smith, M., Batorowicz, B., Randall, N., Judge, S., Decision-making in communication aid recommendations in the UK: Cultural and contextual influencers, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 2019, p13 Journal Article, 2019 DOI

Moulam, L, Jayes, M., Meredith, S., Lynch, Y., Whittle, H., Randall, N., Judge, S., Goldbart, J.., Murray, J. , The rhetoric and reality of co-production with those who use AAC, Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists Conference , Nottingham , 25-26 September 2019, 2019 Conference Paper, 2019

Webb, Edward J D and Meads, David and Lynch, Yvonne and Randall, Nicola and Judge, Simon and Goldbart, Juliet and Meredith, Stuart and Moulam, Liz and Hess, Stephane and Murray, Janice, What's important in AAC decision making for children? Evidence from a best-worst scaling survey, Augmentative and alternative communication (Baltimore, Md. : 1985), 35, (2), 2019, p80â€"94 Journal Article, 2019 DOI

Webb Edward J D, Lynch Yvonne, Meads David, Judge Simon, Randall Nicola, Goldbart Juliet, Meredith Stuart, Moulam Liz, Hess Stephane, Murray Janice, Finding the best fit: examining the decision-making of augmentative and alternative communication professionals in the UK using a discrete choice experiment , BMJ Open , 9 , (11 ), 2019, pe030274 - Journal Article, 2019 DOI URL

Moulam, L., Meredith, S., Lynch, Y., Goldbart, J., Murray, J., Public Patient Involvement: Promoting a partnership rather than a consultation model , Biennial Conference of the ISAAC , Gold Coast, Australia , 23-26 July 2018, 2018 Poster, 2018

Lynch, Y., McCleary, M., Smith, MM, Instructional strategies used in direct AAC interventions with children to support graphic symbol learning: A systematic review, Child Language Teaching and Therapy, 2018, p23 - 36 Journal Article, 2018 TARA - Full Text DOI

Goldbart, J., Moulam, L., Randall, N., Judge, S., and Murray J.,, Inclusion of participants with communication and learning disabilities in a study of experience of communication aid assessments., Communication Matters International AAC Conference , Leeds Uk, 9-11 September 2018 , 2018 Poster, 2018

Goldbart, J., Moulam, L., Lynch, Y., Randall, N., Judge, S., and Murray, J., Inclusion of participants with communication and learning disabilities in a study of experience of communication aid assessments., The European Academy of Childhood Disability Conference , Tblisi, Georgia , 28-31 May 2018, 2018 Poster, 2018

Judge, Simon and Randall, Nicola and Lynch, Yvonne and Meredith, Stuart and Moulam, Liz and Murray, Janice and Goldbart, Juliet, The Language and Communication Characteristics of Communication Aids - A Systematic Review, Studies in health technology and informatics, 242, 2017, p347â€"350 Journal Article, 2017

Webb, E. Meads, D., Lynch, Y., Randall, N., Judge, S., Goldbart, J., Meredith, S., Moulam, L., Clinical decision making in augmentative and alternative communication for children: A best worst scaling approach, Health Economists'Study Group conference , Aberdeen , 2017 Oral Presentation, 2017

Judge, S., Randall, N., Lynch, Y., Meredith, S., Moulam L., Murray, J., The language and communication characteristics of communication aids - a systematic review., Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 242, 2017, pp347 - 350 Conference Paper, 2017

Meredith, S., Moulam, L., Murray, J., Goldbart, J., and Lynch, Y., Public Patient Involvement: Promoting a partnership rather than a consultation model , Faculty Research in High Summer Conference, Manchester UK , July 2016, 2016 Poster, 2016

Murray, J., Lynch, Y., Moulam, L., and Smith, M. , Identifying appropriate symbol communication aids for children - clinical decision making , Research Symposium at the Biennial Conference of the ISAAC, Toronto, 2016 Conference Paper, 2016

Research Expertise


  • Title
    • Identifying Appropriate Symbol Communication Aids for children who are non-speaking: enhancing clinical decision making
  • Summary
  • Funding Agency
    • National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)
  • Date From
    • 2016
  • Date To
    • 2019


Awards and Honours

British Academy of Childhood Disability-CASTANG Fellow 2019-2020

Lámh Scholar 2019

Emerging Researcher Travel Award 2018


Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists 1999 – to date

International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication 1999 – to date